Sunday, November 04, 2012

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage

It would never occur to me to tout something that Wal-Mart has done, but I must make an exception. My local W-store has been selling house brand Marketplace Butternut Squash Ravioli in the deli case, next to the pre-made pizzas (which are dull imitations) and I LOVE THEM. I couldn't find an image anywhere on the net to show you, so I borrowed this one from Google. The W-store ones are really orange as the squash is in the pasta itself as well as the filling.
I bring this up because it led me to finally USE my sage plants. I have grown them For... Ever, as they are pretty, stay greenish most of the year and even have flowers in May. But as for partaking of the herb, not so much. Until now.
When I was teaching once in Houston, I think, or maybe Denver, I had butternut squash ravioli with crispy fried sage leaves and walnuts in a butter sauce. HEAVENLY.  It was a way expensive dish in a way expensive restaurant, but I wasn't paying. Ha! Anyway, it stuck in my culinary memory and when I saw the package of plump orange pillows, it all came rushing back to me.
Here's my heretofore ignored Sage plant this morning after an overnight rain. The color is one of Martha Stewart's faves. I am sure I have a seven year old jar of rubbed sage leaves in my spice collection that really must go. But now that I have a reason to pay attention to this beautiful aromatic dependable herb, I must say a few nice things about it. Easy to grow, thrives on neglect, will form a nice bushiness and doesn't care if it is in sun or shade, mostly. So why not plunk one down in an empty spot in your garden, next Spring, not now if you live in the cold part of the country.

It has lovely purple flowers on it in May, as mentioned, and the leaves are greener then than they are now. Growing it in a big pot may be a good idea, as they plants can tend to expand their footprint.
Eating it with ravioli? Well, I melted butter and tossed them in and let them get crispy, along with the expensive as gold walnuts (what has happened to nut prices? Geesh!) and then topped the freshly boiled in water ravioli. Sumptuous, fast and elegant enough for company.
Yesterday I searched for this picture of Dave and couldn't find it, and then this morning it popped right up in another file. It's my fave recent pic of his beautiful manly self, and I had to share. That's little Chester with him.

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  1. Hi Mel,

    Happy blogaversary! Just wanted to share a great use for your fresh sage - Tyler's Ultimate (from the food network) Roast Turkey with Sage Butter, and the Cornbread Stuffing with Caramelized Onions (and sage). Enjoy!

  2. Trader Joe's has an amazing pumpkin ravioli! The trouble is that everyone in the universe has discovered them, so TJ's runs out. But if you see them, buy a bunch and freeze.
    Now to find fresh sage.

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I use sage for a cold.....brew tea -boil some water and add leaves for 10 minutes- then inhale the steam and drink the tea, make the cold "ease".

    Turkey dressing...add some cut up sage leaves... I suppose it would spiff up some chicken dishes as well.

    My original plant gave up and I have had a time getting a new one to "take".

  4. Judy Morningstar10:16 AM

    Fresh sage leaves add loads of flavour to roasted vegetables too. Potatoes, rutabaga, parsnip, onion, carrots, whatever, chopped with a bunch of sage leaves and a smidgeon of balsamic vinegar and butter and tiny bit of liquid- bake an hour or so,or a lot longer in a slow cooker, and enjoy. My sage plant is under snow right now. Might survive winter, might not.
    Happy blogversary! I love reading your blog and seeing your colourful adventures in fabric and fibre.

  5. Sage isn't just yummy and pretty, it's good for your brain! (Earl Mindell's Food as Medicine)

  6. i've never grown sage or eaten pumpkin ravioli, but I'll do both! Thanks for a great idea. I'll check Walmart this week!

  7. I think I've just decided what I NEED for dinner tonight. Thanks.

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