Monday, November 05, 2012


Mixed Media on Canvas, 18x18x 7/8", $100
plus shipping.

Inspired by my collection on Pinterest, and needing to do something while sitting and resting my knee, I took up my paper and pencil and started scribbling. I liked the non-objectiveness of the lines, which were like the dots I found on these pieces below. I thought, "I don't have to draw a specific thing, I  just have to draw". In other words, permission granted.
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And being me, I had to do it in color. Over the years I have collected a huge amount of colored pencils, and so I arranged them by color and scribbled a swatch of each in graduated hues. Thinking ahead, I gessoed the paper on both sides to give it extra tooth and to later be able to apply it directly to canvas.
While the dots themselves were satisfying, I felt the need to do a larger mass of scribbles and thus the center panel was drawn.
When completed, each dot was ripped from the main page, so that the edges had texture and could be placed in sequence. The main mass was secured to the canvas with gel medium and allowed to dry, followed by the positioning of the dots, also secured with gel medium.
The remaining area of the canvas was sculpted with a palette knife and modeling paste, and all was left to dry overnight.
The next day all the background was painted white and then glazed with color, stained and wiped to accent the texture. Then ninepatches of tiny dots were added, glazed over and finally the entire composition was fixed with satin varnish.

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  1. Wow! I sure wish I could scribble stuff and sell it for $100. I'd be doing the happy dance all over the place! Bravo for you!

  2. I always love your colour composition. Obviously so do other people - glad you sold it!!


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