Friday, October 26, 2012

The Knee Diagnosis

Here is a good shot of what my knee couldn't take. Jazzercise + my 'show off ' personality started making tiny tears in my meniscus, the thing that now requires surgery. Of course this was back in March and I continued to stress and tear the knee with bike rides, running up and down steps etc.
I went to the same doctor who did the surgery on my right knee and he confirmed the inevitable. I will be scheduled for an MRI and then a quickie surgery and I will be fine again.
My recovery will be much shorter than my previous surgery, because I didn't wait as long to take care of this. The two months of physical therapy for my foot and hips won't have to happen this time around, since I was aware of the results of walking crooked.
So just a few more weeks of being careful and then back to normal.

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  1. The wear and tear on our bodies seems to be a familiar theme. Now, I have eye issues. I want to keep going as long as possible and I know you do too.

  2. So glad this won't keep you down for much longer! I see you've been busy on PInterest, tho! :) Love that!!

  3. Glad you're getting it taken care of and your recovery will be short this time.

    My DH fell from a 10' ladder in June and shattered his left ankle. He had 4 surgeries within 10 weeks and is finally getting into aquatic therapy after 17 weeks!! He's 71 and has battled a very bad infection, and has been hospitalized 5 times. This has NOT been the best summer :(

  4. Glad to hear that you'll be on the mend quickly! :-)


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