Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wild Asters Pullover

It's that gorgeous time of year when the wild asters decorate the roadsides, all the trees are in full color and the temperatures lean toward sweater weather. I have been waiting for months to wear some of the knits I made during the warmer months. Now it is here, and today it got really chilly. Nothing to compare to the weather that the Northeast will be experiencing, thank goodness! Good luck to y'all up there!

I was rearranging my yarn and found I had lots of leftover merino, in wonderful autumnal colors. Mostly Malabrigo (yum!) and some Sublime and KnitPicks Swish. The amount would equal a sweater's worth if I added one new skein, which was just the excuse I needed to buy one more Arco Iris Malabrigo. The light purple skeins have been sitting in my stash for. ever. as they are not the usual bright purple I love, more of a grayed down purple. But putting them next to the dusty Malabrigo colors, all of a sudden, they popped! OK, I'm in. It feels so good to put these orphan balls to use. This is my typical raglan pattern, with a few short rows to bring up the back neck.

I have recently begun to add increases at the sides to make a looser fit over the hips. All my increases on this pullover have been KFB, as seen here at the raglan and then at the hip, by the X's. I do believe this will be my go-to sweater for the season.

Here we have two wimpy dawgs, who are not interested in going outside into the wind and rain and are willing to wait til the sun comes out. Surprise. It will be a long wait.
Yesterday, the most perfect day of October, Dave borrowed my camera to take photos of his newly painted handiwork. The photos were still on the memory card, so now I can share them on the blog.

The minty green color is almost white when the sun hits it, and lime frost in the shade. Much better than the old dark gray.
Do we have enough leaves? More will be falling today, no doubt. By next week only the evergreens will remain in color.

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  1. Great post! That sweater is gorgeous! I love that its made of leftovers! The dawgs are so darn cute..we haven't seen them for awhile. (I was at a friends for dinner last night and they have Lucky, a 10 year old black pug, and she is adorable. Pugs are so sweet). And the house! It's definitely your little piece of paradise!

  2. I love this jumper, it would be great for long winter walks. The dusty purple and the bands of green really work with the other beautiful colours.

  3. Love the sweater and the pictures of your little piece of paradise are wonderful!

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Your property that looks gorgeous in the Spring and Summer looks gorgeous in the Fall as well.... How about some sweaters for the wimpy dogs?? LOL

  5. I love the colors of your sweater! It is perfect for fall. We get those asters too, although they're long gone here.
    Funny dawgs!

  6. Your home and property are so beautiful. All your hard work has certainly paid off. You and Dave have made it into a beautiful country place. I keep hinting to my husband that I'd like to move to Tennessee after seeing your place in all the seasons.

  7. The house looks lovely & serene. I think when all the leaves are gone it will look lovely & welcoming amidst all the grey and brown of the tree trunks. Good choice of color!

  8. Startling beautiful, the sweater, the leaves, the home...sigh!

  9. Thank you for letting me know what arco iris looks like knitted up. Some of it looks brighter than other skeins (typical of hand-dyes!) and mmmm... when I have knitted up some of the other lovelies that have come home with me I might get some to play with!
    The leaves around here are falling too. Your house looks lovely and I like the green :-)

  10. What a beautiful place you have in autumn !! Ha, goes very well with the sweater !

  11. What a beautiful home site you have. It's cozy, lovely and welcoming. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Your place looks beautiful, and you found the perfect light to frame the photo. Just gorgeous - continue to enjoy. :-)

  13. Anonymous11:23 AM

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  14. All my increases on this pullover have been KFB, as seen here at the raglan ...


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