Thursday, October 25, 2012

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O yeah? Well a person can plan...
I have been looking at Pinterest, as a daily time waster, but it also inspires me. As a person who loves color, there are some non-colorful things that are getting my attention, artwise. Drawings for example. I can draw while I sit with my leg up.
And I have a stack of sketchbooks from previous years filled with ideas for quilts, but also are interesting drawings. I would never have thought they were anything more than diagrams or plans but now I see them differently, as jumping off points for collage paintings. Or mounted drawings.
Here's my idea:
Take a sketch, paint both sides with acrylic medium and mount it on a stretched canvas. From there extrapolate the lines and fill in with shapes, ala zentangles. Or paint it with transparent color, or collage more than one drawing and find lines to connect the two.
The thing about drawings for me is that they are often not taken as seriously as paintings, but merely as a way of putting the ideas on paper for future reference.

But then recently I have figured out that one can mount a drawing or painting on paper directly onto stretched canvas, and then it is ready to hang, no framing, matting, glass, etc required. Revolutionary! That's what I did with this painting on paper, and it works just fine, is stable and permanent.


This preliminary sketch, with accompanying paint test, could be divvied up into collage bits and a new work could be made, mounted on canvas and finished. The possibilities are endless, so I am planning.


  1. debby8:00 PM

    Your creative juices just keep flowing!What do you use to mount the work on canvas? And do you put anything on it to weigh it down so it doesn't wrinkle? I hope you're feeling better today.

  2. I have been painting the gallery wrapped canvas black and mounting my fiber art on them. It makes them look like they are framed and really has made a difference in the presentation.

  3. Love your musings about your books of idea drawings and what you are doing with them - fabulous! A Pin a day keeps the cobwebs away.

  4. Those flowers are beautiful!


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