Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I have been thinking too much.
Looking at too many inspirational quilts, and not doing anything.
So I went grocery shopping and picked up my knitting and left the fabric alone.
Now, I am thinking that what I really need to do is not have a plan, but just go into the studio and start sewing stuff/scraps together.
The quilt on my bed is a mishmash of all kinds of prints, some made into log cabin like blocks and others are pinwheels or squares in squares.

It looked like a mess as I was making it, but on the bed, it is so perfectly jumbled, all colors close together. Obviously it was made without the benefit of the thought process.
Sometimes too much thinking gets in the way of creating.
My recent QAYG nap quilt was also made without a plan and I loved making it. Each part added was a tiny design choice, and of course, it is unique, because of the hand dyed fabrics, not for any other reason.
So without too much thought, I should just jump into a new project and see what happens. Following the advice of Jasper Johns:
Do something, and then do something to that.


  1. I only can agree, just start and you'll create something beautiful. Your quilts are an inspiration for me.

  2. Everything you do is beautiful! I say, "just go for it"!

  3. Yes, go for it. Some of my best quilts came out of the sit, sew, have fun.

  4. I love it! The colors are so cheerful and delightful!!

  5. Melody your blog made me smile~Your quilts are MAGNIFICENT!!!!! So glad to have found you!♥Eileen

  6. Judy Morningstar10:06 PM

    If you don't have a plan or pattern, then you can't make a mistake, right? The funnest quilts are those that make themselves- that tell you what to do. Responding to what is in front of you is what you are best at! Looking forward to seeing what you will make this time!


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