Monday, October 01, 2012

Weekend Sewing

I decided to unload my studio bookcase of stuff (not that much stuff) and use it to display my recent and not so recent QAYG quilts. There are two more in use on beds and the one big queen size is keeping safe from dog hair in the guest room chest of drawers. As you can see, it is stuffed to the gills, so this is only a temporary solution, if I am to make more more quilts, and that is my intention. So I am on the lookout for a really super used armoire or shelf unit that has room for the future projects.
One good thing came of this, and that was rewashing a quilt and removing all the back staining dyes from the previous wash. FYI, when you have a quilt with lots of hand dyed fabrics and you leave it wet in the washer for a couple of days, the dyes may leach out and discolor their neighbors. Always wash hand dyed fabrics in hot  hot water and then dry immediately. But in my case, a good rewashing in hot hot water did the trick and all the fugitive dyes were lifted and washed away. Phew!

Our friend Rose got an early birthday/Christmas gift from her boyfriend Geno. She was so excited and sent me these pictures, including the first cup with frothy foam whipped up by La Machine.
She wrote:
... he bought me a Nespresso machine along with everything I need. The fancy stemware, about a million coffee pods, and all the fixings!
Wish you were here, we could be laffing it up with a nice cup of cappuccino or espresso! Which reminds can't have a cappuccino unless you have a lovely biscuit (cookie) to go with. Hmmmm, maybe I should start baking again! 
 The first cup!
That spurred me into the studio to make her some Mug Rugs. Before making these, I thought they were a big waste of time and turned my nose up at the idea...until I tried one. They are totally fun to make! I wanted mine to look different than those I found on Flickr, so I did the faced circle motif...about three times, until I was satisfied with the result. Then I got out my scraps and made a set of four.

They are about 7x11"
and I did flip and sew directly onto the batting, pillowcased them and added more quilting.

 The faced circle is easy. Two squares right sides together, draw the circle on the back of one and stitch around. Then cut the center out leaving at least 1/4" of seam allowance and snip, snip, snip all around. Turn the facing to the back and press. Done a roo.

PS. Marianne over at who got me started on QAYG, is now fusing. Is this a cool thing or what???
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  1. I have an abundance of quilts as well. We took apart an old wooden extension ladder and use it to display them. It is quirky and fun and takes up less space than a traditional piece of furnature.

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Biscotti are easy with this basic recipe. Don't use butter, it makes them too crumbly. I've added cranberries, nuts, lemon peel, chocolate chips, you name it.

  3. That is a gorgeous stack of colorful quilts!

  4. Do you sew all around the circle or leave an opening? I guess I need a visual.

  5. I recently ruined part of an art quilt hanging when I tried to wash out something in the border. I forget what I was trying to get rid of but the colour from the hand dye spread into the background.
    I felt somewhat the same about mug rugs until I tried some too. They are so fun to make, instant gratification in a way,nand people seem to love getting them as gifts. I keep wishing for one myself but always find someone to give one to.

  6. Julie9:57 PM

    um,I'm slow,could you do a tute for the faced circles? Julie

  7. I've had a Nespresso machine for over a year now & absolutely LOVE it! Well worth the money.

  8. I've always loved making mug rugs (coffee mats, we call them here) and yours are quite beautiful and definitely yours. The circle technique you describe sounds so easy - I'm off to try it now.


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