Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Diving In

I dawdled and procrastinated, and finally started selecting, committing, cutting and sewing. My color scheme was based on a piece of my hand dyed Special Editions fabric, orange, yellow and green. Then I found a darker green S.E. and added that, along with solids in the various colors. Choosing, committing, cutting and sewing again, hopefully and intuitively.
I had a 43x41" piece when I quit. Uninspired. But I thought I could make another piece and find a way to incorporate that. Or not.
And then it occurred to me that I have all those color coordinated pre-cut strips! So I gathered the color palette and pinned them over the 'matrix' piece. Hmmm. Possibly interesting.
And then I switched orientation and thought O YEAH BABY. I likey!
If I cut the matrix piece in unequal strips, this could develop into something. I may also alter the width of the insertion strips too. Wouldn't want it to be too regular. With the extra width of the additional strips, the quilt will grow exponentially, and almost effortlessly. ha!

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  1. It's strange how if you turn a piece round it can magically become something much better. I love the little pink squares and the rectangles of torquoise coming through.

  2. wow! I can't get enough of your quilts. They are soooooo gorgeous, and unique!!!

  3. I like it too.! Great idea.

  4. I was just thinking of putting srtips through one of my pieces as well....yours is looking fabulous.

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