Saturday, October 06, 2012

Shopping Loot

I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday, just to get some batting. Turns out it was on sale for half price. So I got three. Shoulda got six.
Everything in the store seemed to be on clearance. There was a big 30% off muslin, so I thought I would buy a bolt. None of the bolts were full so I had them measure off the yardage from three different bolts, so in all I got about 35  yards of Sewer's Essentials Dyeable Muslin, sale price? $2.79. That's a pretty OK deal.
It is very soft and tightly woven and 48" wide before shrinkage ensues. It should level out at between 44 to 46", depending on how hot the water is when I wash it. I will have to wash it, predyeing. Just FYI.
And are you wondering why I need to dye more fabric?
Since I got reinterested in stitching larger works I have been annoyed that my stash is all different widths, selvedge to selvedge. When cutting strips, I want them to sew up evenly on both ends, which means they need to be the same base fabric, like from the same manufacturer. At least this way I am insuring that my initial plan will work out mathematically ( I sometimes measure things!) and I won't be caught short and have to piece on extra length.
At least that is what I am using as an excuse.
I plan to make a lot of solids, in gladware containers, and have a special section of just these fabrics on my shelves so I can see what colors/shades/tints are needed initially. See for more info on how I dye.
I do so love the soft crinkly nature of muslin, after it is washed and dyed and dried.
And I am inspired to make simple designs like these, some of which are from my Nancy Crow book, and are ones that I have loved and coveted over the years. These are from her pre-wonky years, and I have pretty much gotten over wonkiness, altho it keeps creeping into my work, unintentionally. Her colors are usually darker and murkier than my style, but still, I like the direct and neat nature of the jumble of varied colors within these pieces. The other photo is a design by Gunta St√∂lzl, and it inspires me too.

While I was having my muslin measured I saw a display of half priced, already reduced cotton prints...perfect for backs. I got tons of yardage for $1.50 a yard. Woowoo!  And then when I got to the checkout, there was a coupon for $25 off my entire order. I made out like a bandit. The sale continues til Monday.
Hold me back!

The pups know how to relax, don't they?

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  1. Wow, you sure got lucky! You are so organized. I never plan ahead and I would just put up with those little annoyances like different widths from selvedge to selvedge.
    I love your quilt. Much better than the second one. I think it's the little squares in yours that seem to make it sparkle.

  2. I think I need to take a trip to Joanns!

  3. Went to Joanns this morning. I think I need to go back with this great sale only this weekend. You can never have enough batting! You can print the coupons online if you don't have them.

  4. I'm beginning to think I'm part pug. I kinda look like that when I lay down too.

  5. Nice haul! This spring I bought all the dying stuff from Dharmma to dye my white skinny (after an alteration) jeans a mixture of jade green robin egg blue. I have worn and loved these pants all summer! While I was at it I dyed a coupe of fat quarters and painted some scarves, but what I don't like is the shipping fee! I want more colors but $12 for a couple of $2-$3 items just kills me!

  6. I love the crossed back leg on the lounging dog. So cute.

    I love a great bargain too.

  7. I sure wish I lived closer. I have to find a place around here to go shopping. I can't wait to see what you will be doing with this. wow! Lucky puppies!

  8. What brand/type batting did you get- I need to stock up for that future day I retire

  9. Anonymous2:53 PM

    You are such a bad influence on me. Today I stopped in JoAnns to get a couple of things, and their coupon flyer was there, and I just needed a few more things to get to the next coupon level... I did limit myself to one bag, but it's a largeish bag.


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