Thursday, October 04, 2012

QAYG: Diving In, Ready to Quilt

As a review, here is the original matrix, or first layer, and then a view with the sewn in strips, below.
At the moment it is in five panels, which will be quilted starting with the center panel. After it is quilted then the next two panels are attached on either side of the center, flip and sew-fashion,  and then the last two go onto those.  It currently measures about 53"x83", which will no doubt shrink down to 50x80". I may or may not add borders, depending on how it looks after it is quilted and assembled. I'll do my fave straight line quilting, following the strips, not at right angles. It ought to go together in a day, but it will have to wait, as I need batting. I have only queen size batts in my stash at the moment but I think a couple of 45x60" batts will make cutting soooooo much easier. I'll go to the store tomorrow morning before I meet my knitting friends for Sit and Knit at the Three Black Sheep Shoppe at 2pm.
I must say that the gradation of the inserted strips really makes the design sing. I am so happy with this top.

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  1. Judy Morningstar5:04 PM

    "Magic Venetian Blinds"

  2. I love it! Did you slash the top and sew in the strips, or just sew them on top? The colors are awesome

  3. Love this. Fabulous!

  4. This is looking awesome! I love the small bits of different colors at the top and bottom of the solid inserted strips!

  5. WOW, what a difference it makes with the sewn in strips! I am loving this!

  6. So, so cool! I love it! And I couldn't have visualized it being this good from the pics yesterday!

  7. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Love it. Looks like summer flowers got infused into the garden fence. Very cool. beth f,

  8. This is very exciting. How large was the original piece before you started the slash and insert work?


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