Monday, October 08, 2012

QAYG: Diving In, Quilted


The quilting is done, and I did it in sections, mostly flip and sew, but then the last part I decided to try something different. I quilted it first but left the connecting edges unquilted, and then joined it to the rest of the quilt by sewing on the back connecting strip at the same time as I sewed the two sections together.

I know that is confusing, and I had to talk it through to myself several times before I actually did it. This shows the just front piece (no batting or backing)  sewn to the rest of the quilted top, and what you can't see is that the doubled strip is also being sewn on as I stitch it all together. It was very easy, and looked just perfect on the front.

Because the joining seam is on the front,  the back doubled strip has to cover the butting seams, I needed to trim away the excess backing and batting so it will be a smooth fit.
That was easily done too.
There are so many ways to quilt as you go, and I am adding this one to my technique list.

The quilt measures 50x80" which is big enough for a wall quilt (maybe too big for any remaining walls in our house) but a bit skimpy for a bed quilt or a nap quilt. I see borders happening before I finish this one completely.
But I might be taking a break from this one as I have a new small idea I have to try out. I'll post that one when it is finished.

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  1. It's a very lively piece! I think your mind works somewhat like an engineers, besides the artistic part. I'm artistic but have trouble following a pattern and can never figure out how to put things together.

  2. How big does a nap quilt have to be? I take my 20 minute nap on the chaise end of the couch in the afternoon and it seems like the perfect size! (Set my kitchen timer, close my eyes and it always wakes me up! Great pick-me-up)!


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