Sunday, September 02, 2012

Simply Stripes

I was all set to make a new quilt top today, deciding on a color scheme and choosing my fabric, when I decided to look through my favorites on Flickr for inspiration. While I was there, I reviewed some of my old work and found an unquilted top made in 2010 that I was saving for my 'heirs' to discover and quilt, Ha! Truth be told, I had made a bunch of tops in a fury of piecing and had no interest in quilting any of them at the time. But that I have QAYG in my repertoire, I can joyfully attack a piece like this and git 'er'done.
In order not to have a big bulky piece under the needle I had to disassemble the top slightly into small segments, and while I was at it, I added some pieces to the width.  I broke it down into three sections, sandwiched and pinned them and began quilting. It was an all day affair, and I finished all but the binding by 5pm. 

Here's the quilted top and the unquilted top together so you can see the additions, or not. I know they are there and it's hard for me to see the new parts. Oops,  I flipped some of the sections upside down too, so nevermind...
Anyway, it measures 60x70" and I will bind it later. But the cool part is that even tho it wasn't designed as a QAYG I was able to use narrow connecting strips to join the three segments almost unnoticeably. Excuse me while I congratulate myself over this discovery.  
I am giving this to Dave as he has a birthday later this month. Of course it won't be a surprise, but he says he likes it, so that's a relief.


  1. Looking fabulous, as usual!!!

  2. I've been doing the same since I discovered QAYG on MariQuilts blog...pulling out quilt tops and taking them partially apart to use the QAYG technique on them. Most times it totally changes the look, and that makes me happy too!
    Love the colors in this quilt...

  3. Great idea! And how satisfying to get it done! Now Dave can appreciate it instead of an heir.

  4. You are such a clever gal, Melody. You almost convince me that I could make a quilt. Notice, I said "almost."

  5. Judy Morningstar11:26 AM

    You could almost get nominated for sainthood, getting something this big and precious out of the UFO cupboard. It is really cheerful, and is a perfect gift for your snuggle bunny.

  6. Oh, this is a LOVELY one! Hooray!

  7. I love the colors on this, and am hopeful that I might find some UFO on which I can experiment and finally FINISH it as you have. Pretty quilt, as always. :-)


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