Monday, September 03, 2012

A Few Updates

I finally got up the nerve to cook the rutabaga. I decided to peel it and cut it like French Fries and boil it. It took longer than I anticipated to get to a fork tender stage, but eventually it did. Then I picked out one tiny bit, mashed it up and put a bit of butter and salt on it and had a taste.
EXCELLENT!!!!  What a great flavor and smooth texture. Mild, a little bit like sweet potatoes but not so sweet. Putting all the rest of the drained veg in the food processor, and a big cube of butter, a dollop of milk and vavoom, I had a big bowl full of goodness. I gave Dave a taste and he liked it too! So we now have another vehicle for butter and salt. O dear.

I decided to add some length to Dave's birthday quilt, since it was only 70" long. I constructed a header from scraps similar to the fabric (all gone now) that was in the original, got his OK and quilted it and attached it. Now the binding is finished and it measures 60x81" which will work out fine for him, since mostly he sleeps on top of the quilt rather than under it.

Then I wanted to show you a knit that I didn't make, but was knit by my friend Irene.
It's Old Forge by Steven West, and she did a fabulous job. It was unblocked and measured around 48-50" in diameter. I blocked it for her on my guest bed, so now it measures about 63" in diameter.

Now that's an afghan!


  1. I really like the header that you added! It's so fun to make a quilt for a loved one!
    I cooked rutabaga last week with carrot and sweet potato mashed in with it, delicious! I always thought that turnip and rutabaga were the same until I searched it on line after reading your last post.
    I do like both but the rutabaga is sweeter.

  2. Again you have created such an inspiring quilt! I'm sure the extra length will be appreciated! My mother-in-law loved to fix rutabaga like this but added crumbled bacon. Yummy!

  3. It sounds as if you are new to rutabagas...yes? If they weren't such a pain to peel, I'd fix them more often. I love that--another vehicle for butter and salt! I cook it with a bit of ham or bacon--another version of butter and salt!

  4. Anonymous3:04 PM

    If you happen to have a pressure cooker, that rutabaga would be ready in less time it takes to boil potatoes. (Three to 5 minutes at high pressure.)


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