Thursday, September 06, 2012

September Morning

We've been blessed with a lot of rain of late and the garden has responded in kind. Mostly weeds, but if you look carefully the flowers will be revealed.
I was again thrilled (such a Northerner) to see my magnolia blooming. One big fat flower, while the ones at the bank in town are loaded with them. The white leathery petals have already turned brown and dropped since I took this photo yesterday. Pooh. It was a loud and crashing rain that did it. So glorious to be tucked indoors, knitting and watching Brit mysteries. Cracker has just arrived on Netflix and now I will see every episode. Sigh. I am also working on A Touch of Frost which was on for 15 seasons, so I have a full cupboard of sleuthing.
Back to the garden. The waterlilies are petering out and graced me with a final lily or two. The frogs are plentiful this year and lots of tadpoles are bobbing to the surface testing their brand new air lungs. See the cutie frog on the right?

 Our woods are as dense and dark as can be, except in the early eastern morning light. Once the sun passes over they become spooky and forbidding. I expect to see deer up there soon. At my feet a red leaf, one of the first. We have really long and colorful autumns up here. Lots of trees...

The cleomes are Amazonian-tall and falling over, but so delicate in their flowers. I know I will have a zillion volunteers next year, from all the seed pods I see on the plants.
I really must do some major garden renovation. Next year.
 Red berries are forming on the pink dogwood. Very good news, evidence that we had a great nourishing summer for them. I keep cutting the basil but some are going to flower anyway. I may try and save the seeds as Lettuce Leaf basil seeds are difficult to find. Yesterday I cut about 20 big leaves and had them in Caprese salad for lunch with Brooke. My home grown tomatoes were combined with fresh mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a few slices of turkey pepperoni. Yum. We are both getting serious again about our diet.

Two lovely flowers in the front garden, an out of season clematis and a very shy nasturtium.

And the soon to be last roses of summer. I am actually glad to see fall arrive, since I have so many sweaters I have never worn. And another one will be finished today.
Yup, long pants, socks with shoes, and a cuddly sweater. It's about time.

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  1. what a beufiful garden!!!

    the scent of magnolia is just wonderful:)

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    nice photos.

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Isn't the way raindrops bead on the nasturtium leaves incredible?
    One early, early Spring day I was lucky enough to be in Berkeley, California, in a residential neighborhood. Every thing was gray. The sky, the houses, the streets and sidewalks. Then in the front yard of a house was a pink magnolia in full bloom. All you could see was the bottom of the trunk and then all these unbelievable huge pink flowers all stacked up on each other.
    Your garden is outta this world, Melody. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    Maggie in AZ

  4. Janet in Portland12:01 PM

    Oh I enjoy your garden, knitting, recipes, quilts, and art, I check your blog everyday. However our summer starts in July so I am not ready for fall and I haven't finished my sweater yet.

  5. Did a little research for an ongoing art project about Queen Esther, from Biblical times. I was wondering what ancient plants would have been in her garden. I was surprised to see so many of the same plants we see now. Just some useless trivia for you. Clematis was one of them.

  6. Such pretty plants... the greens are so dark green and lush. (Here in CA we get so much blistering sun all summer that the leaves don't put out as much chlorophyl, so they are a very yellowed green. Pale to your lush.) Love your Magnolia. I got a little one to start from the seed cone I got from my son's house! It's one of my proudest accomplishments.

  7. Прекрасно! Это счастье, что можно постоянно любоваться природой.


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