Friday, August 31, 2012

QAYG: Like Eating Potato Chips

 OK it is complete. Binding and all. I was only going to clear the scraps off my table, but they seemed to want to be sewn into groups and before you knew it, a long section was assembled and it became the added length the thing needed.
It now measures 51x77.5" Really a generous size for a nap quilt. There is nothing to this...I swear. No plan other than sticking to the chosen fabrics and remembering include them all, and then vavoom, it makes itself, almost. And making another one is like so enticing, like eating one more potato chip. I have the fabric and the time, so why not make another, and another. Straight line quilting makes it 'modern' and neat, and the back looks fabulous, which is always a treat. When I showed it today, everyone swooned over the back. O dear, since I spent NOT ONE MINUTE thinking about it. But then, that has always been my pet peeve. The art is on the FRONT for heaven's sake.

A typical shot of a back.

Here's a closeup of the quilting. I am sure it is close enough to keep one snuggly warm.


  1. Beautiful quilt. i love the colors and the straight line quilting. Awesome!

  2. Hi Melody, I just came across your blog, I've been a BIG fan of your quilts for years. So modern, bright, imaginative! Keep up the good work. Liz

  3. Melody, are you still using mostly your own hand dyed fabric, or is some of the solid fabric commercial. The colors are gorgeous as always.

  4. Melody, I have to ask - I love doing the quilting stitch, it's one of my favorite parts, a time of creativity and expression. I can't imagine doing all of those long lines of straight-line quilting...doesn't it go on forever?

  5. What bright and cheerful quilts! I love the stripe thrown in to add a sparkle.
    We've been "rained in" for three days from Isaac, but no damage, thankfully.
    Martha Ginn

  6. Looks fabulous....and I agree such an addictive method.

  7. I was so happy to hear you say that about the back of quilts. I have always thought that it was ridiculous to judge an art quilt by the back. I understand that it should be neat and orderly but to look for perfection on the back is silly to me. I would love to see an oil painting turned over to decide it's worth.

    Love the added length it looks perfect.


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