Thursday, August 30, 2012

QAYG: Adding Height and Width

 I was very careful to plan where pieces would line up as I added a border to the top and the right side, and then completely forgot about those things as I assembled the parts.
But still, it works.
Sometimes the piece has a mind of its own.
So far we have 51" wide by 67" long. Is that big enough for a nap quilt? It feels like it today, but then I haven't put the binding on, so things could continue to grow. It could easily become 60x72" by adding 9 inches to the width and 5" inches to the length. That could happen.

I will do almost anything to avoid getting around to the binding.
This horizontal orientation is actually how I shot both photos.


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  2. I would definitely take a nap under that quilt. I feel one coming on.

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    what is the width of your quilting stitches--that is, how far apart do you make the rows of stitching--1/2 inch or 1 inch, for example?

  4. Judy Morningstar11:01 PM

    This is so cheerful and fun! Another splendiferous quilt! Yes I would add a bit more to the length. Nothing worse than trying to nap with your feet sticking out. 72 inches is a good length. You already have enough width to cover up nicely on the couch. Unless, of course, you need to procrastinate longer before binding.

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