Monday, September 24, 2012

Officially Autumn

The bright yellow yarn has been transformed from Edison Bulb to Green Pepper. Hopefully more appealing and sellable.

The weather has turned cool and sunny with a fabulous steady breeze.
( You can tell we are old fogies, since every conversation begins with a weather report).  I can't resist being outdoors, but unfortunately I wrenched my knee (again), so the gardening that needs doing is not getting done. Dave continues to paint the house, so beautifully, and now all that remains is the upper tier, the death defying upper tier. Since we have a metal roof, it is slippery and some sort of harness must be used or we'll have a disaster.
A few weeks ago I cleaned the hot tub in anticipation of the cooler nights, filled it with fresh water and started the pump going. Hours later I noticed it was off, and a steady drip of water surrounded the base. The pump had blown and a big leak had almost drained the tub. Dave to the rescue. He removed the old pump, took it to the hot tub store so he could order a new one and then changed  his mind when he discovered the price. Instead of buying it retail, he came home and ordered it wholesale (free shipping!) from California. The new pump is here and with the help of our friend Jim, today is the day they will attempt to install it and hopefully solve the problem.  Yay!

With all the rain we've had lately the mushrooms have been surfacing all over the hill. This huge one caught my eye and I brought it home to photograph. We get a lot of big ones, but this is the biggest so far. Don't worry, I never would consider eating any of them.

I gave my first of two QAYG lecture demos on Saturday and found these two quilting layouts on Pinterest. I included them in the handout as sample assembly plans. Of course they are a lot more complicated looking than need be, but somehow stimulating anyway. O so many possibilities!

I must say that I really enjoyed having an audience again, and one person told me that she may never go back to making a quilt the old way, after being introduced to QAYG. Yay!!
The three mousies have been through the wash and Chester is so happy to present a fresh trophy.
  Chumley can't be bothered.



  1. What a good post to start the day! I love the yarn. I went shopping this weekend and there's so much of that yummy green out there. Love the pics of Chester and Chumley! I've been quilting like crazy lately...all fused!! I'm working on my 3rd and 4th wall hanging and am having so much fun. Thanks to your blog for all the tips!

  2. Perhaps the hot tub will provide some comfort for your knee? Until then that yarn looks delicious. Im sure you can find something to do sitting down.


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