Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yarn Storage

This is the way my blog-friend Marianne stores her yarn.
I covet these stackable baskets, but have been unable to find any as wide and deep as these.

 Yes, I already have a big shelf system for my yarn, but somehow I have collected more than it can hold.

I have been storing the overflow in big Gladbags, in the closet, where they don't get seen very often and I find myself ordering more of what I already have. This has to end. I need to be able to see and fondle the stuff in those bags, and break the cycle of collecting just because it's on sale.

I found these stackable baskets at Wal-Mart and bought all that they had. The whole tower only cost $32. I think that is a good deal. I got almost all of my bagged surplus wool into this setup. Turns out I have a lot of ready to dye white merino. O boy! Speaking of dyeing wool...
Here is some excruciatingly bright Madeline Tosh Pashmina which I will be overdyeing a more acceptable color today.

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  1. Collecting as opposed to buying what one actually is this done? LOL

  2. Cleaning is in the air! I also re-arranged my atelier this weekend. By the way I love the colour of the pashmina.

  3. Ah storage units! I always have my eye out for the next best storage method. Can not have enough shelves, boxes, or bags.

  4. Now that mine are all full I've stopped buy yarn...mostly that is. I got those bins at Home Depot.

  5. Oh I covet that color of yellow! The yarns in my weaving room are getting a new home in a Home Depot wooden closet storage unit. Can't wait to get it all done and organized.

  6. I do like things stored away but I too was not able to see what I have in fabric. I took it all out of the containers and folded it on shelves. Much better.
    Yours were a very good deal! Now you'll be doing some knitting, I'll bet.

  7. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Well, The Yaffi bins were a bust...literally! Onward to the plastic bins. I hope they stack better than what I have. I have over 600 skeins of yarn (most given to me) and totes just aren't getting it either. Like you, I have to see what I have. I have an "Out of sight, Out of mind" thing happening. Wish me luck!


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