Sunday, August 05, 2012

World's Longest Yard Sale

You may have heard of The World's Longest Yard Sale, which happens to be going on as we speak. It runs 690 miles, from Michigan down to the end of 127 in Alabama.
For us it is right down the mountain in Dunlap TN, where our intrepid husband and fearless bargain hunter coasted by on his bicycle, for a few days in a row.
Wait a minute...he did not ride his bike down the mountain, but put it in the back of his pickup, drove down and then parked and rode. That's better.

Back to the story...Dave recently bought a new mountain bike and has been going places with a bike group in Lookout Mountain TN+GA. He is good on the bike, or was, but had a PD moment on his last ride and hasn't returned. I mentioned that I would gladly ride with him on flat roads if I only had a bike.
Enter the Yard Sale. He found me this practically brand new bike (turquoise!!) for a ridiculously low price, including old fart helmet, and brought it home, cleaned it up and it is perfect for me. I had no idea he was even listening when I suggested we ride together. Then Whamo. Here it is. I need a new softer, wider seat, but then I am good to go. On flat roads. Not so easy to find in our neck of the woods.

He also came home with the Sled of his Dreams, which we all know he will break his neck sliding down the Death Trap Path that he carved out of our hill. I pray we get another winter like the last one, with four snowflakes in three months.
And if that isn't thrilling you enough, he also came home with a new old lawnmower to add to his collection of pushers and the rider. One can never have too many mowers. I guess...

He was very excited about this pack of socket wrenches. Sigh...another in the vast collection in the tool shed. Good for him. This corresponds to my paint brush collection. Even Steven.

My fave purchase is this painted end table in TURQUOISE which is very cute and much nicer than it's original color, whatever that was. It really goes with the chairs.

And last, and least is this leathery jacket with embroidery all over it. Now Dave has a costume for Halloween. He can go as the Fonz.


PS: My sister sent me this replica of Chester our pug, note the resemblance. Amazing.


  1. Hope to see pictures when you and Dave go riding!

  2. A roasted marshmallow? Reminds me of the potato chip collector woman that had chips like famous people!

  3. I laughed out loud when you showed the pic of all the law mowers! I could just imagine your thoughts as you were taking the photos!

  4. Hi Melody,
    The garage sale stuff is fun. I caution you to not spend too much on a squish saddle (bike seat) if you expect to go on very long rides with Dave. While such a seat would feel good when you try it out and for a little while, it will actually cause a lot of chaffing and end up hurting if you ride for very long. Now, what "very long"means to you and what it means to my daughter who is an elite bike racer, most likely mean two different things. Interestingly, the saddle that will be more kind to you behind will be a sliver of a seat so there is not much to rub on. Also, you can get girl specific saddles. They have a long thin hole in the middle so as to not put too much pressure on certain parts. Happy Riding - what fun! Next, send him to look for a fun basket and a cool bell.

  5. Wonderful finds! My brother and his wife had a booth this year on the side of the road in a car dealership that rented space. He said the weather was terrible. Next year, I want to join them for a shopping only trip.

  6. Annie5:21 PM

    I drool over the Flexible Flyer! I got one for Christmas when I was 8; we moved to Florida the next summer! Not having snow was good, though! I could ride my bike down to the pier and go fishing with my cane pole at any time of year!

  7. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Perhaps Dave has a role model for his lawn mower collection. If he tries this, let us know please.

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  9. I LAUGHED my tea out of my nose when I read about the Chester doppelgänger. Your sister has a good sense of humour. And the Fonz jacket??? Awesome. lol

  10. I think everybody in the world went "garage saleing" this weekend. Is she saying he looks like burnt popcorn?! hee hee...

  11. O.F.helmet or not, that type of helmet has saved at least two of my daughter's hope you wear yours! :) My coworker's husband has a similar mower collection - what is it about men and mowers? (though not my man, thankfully)Enjoying your blog, as always!

  12. Lawnmowers! My husband just bought riding mower number three to keep the two older ones company in the basement! It's just a man thing I guess.

  13. I second getting a girlie saddle for your bike. OMG what a difference they make! No sore undercarriage! After my little accident requiring stitches I got a female saddle and it isn't quite bliss but as close as you can get on a bike.... I've tried big fat wide squishy saddles but they don't help if they are "unisex" (aka male specific).
    The guest room looked totally charming and I like the Wodehouse touch :-)


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