Monday, August 06, 2012

Still Learning Stuff

Here's a great idea!!! A nice lady bought this painting, Chalk Beach, which is on paper and I thought, gee, this would have to be matted and framed and that is another expense...why not mount it on canvas and then it would be ready to hang. Since I have been collaging stuff onto canvas already, this isn't that big a jump. I did it this morning, painted the edges of the canvas and it is good to go. Yes!

Yesterday on the way home from the airport, Rose and I stopped at the Chattanooga Market and saw THE GREAT WHITE tomatoes. Huge strange and unappetizing, but neat anyway.
And then we saw these little salad tomatoes in purpley red, which look like plums, but aren't at all. I had to buy a bunch.
We are having a wonderful time...
so blogging might be thin for a few days.

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  1. Anonymous6:42 AM


    That is a beautiful abstract!

    How did you mount it to the canvas? Glue?



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