Friday, August 17, 2012

Such Excitement

The sliding door to the studio was left open for the comings and goings of the Dawgs, and in flew a hummingbird.
She went nuts in the room, flying into the big lights until I turned them off. I tried everything to get her to leave. Then I went out and got the hummingbird feeder and hung it from the track lighting bar. Eventually she saw the red juice and began reenergizing herself from her struggle. After three hours I moved the feeder to the curtain rod over the sliding door, and she finally got the message to GO!

Back to quilting as I go...
Here I am attaching a center panel between two big quilted quadrants. The thin yellow strip is the connecting strip, and it is sewn to both the center panel and the adjoining quadrant block.

See the pins on the sides of the yellow strip? They are pinning the connector strip on the back, through the front side, so I can quilt/topstitch them down. It's an experiment and another attempt to expand the possiblities of QAYG techniques.

The connector strip on the back is a two inch wide strip, folded in half and sewn on the back at the same time as the one  1" edge of the yellow strip on the front. Got that?
When you actually do it, it all becomes obvious...

Then I top stitched right next to the yellow strip, catching the back strip as I stitched.
It worked!!!

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  1. Humming birds get into our garage when we leave the door open too long. I don't have a feeder, so we have to use a fish net, if we can't get them to leave. Frustrating. Thanks for all your photos on the connector strip.

  2. Connector strip: Genius!

    Hummingbird: Better than catching it in a baseball cap, which is my go-to strategy. much nicer.

  3. Love your visitor!

  4. LOVE this QAYG look. Especially love the simplicity of the 'one inch in front, two inches in back' approach.
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  5. Hello, Melody. I live in Belgium, Europe and i am a fan of jour beautiful work and colours.

  6. Hello Melody. I live in Belgium, Europe and i am a fan of your beautiful work an your use-colours.

  7. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Hey Mz Melody. Have you accumulated enough left over ends of yarn to sell them? I'd sure like to buy them. :)
    Maggie in Arizona

  8. We get them in the garage once in a while, and they really can't figure out how to get back out. So I took a broom and held it upside down. It landed on the bristles. Then I lowered it enought to go out and slowly walked out the door. It took off. It trusted me enough to sit on the broom....


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