Thursday, August 16, 2012

Button Down Quest

For some time I have been on the look out for an Oxford shirt with button down collar, long sleeves short enough to fit my Tyrannosaurus arms, and chesty front, to no avail. I've searched online (the prices! $30-$70) and in the stores and while I find nice photos like these, the size I need is usually unavailable, having been usurped by the rest of my kind.

I heard that Sears carried the Land's End brand, and since they were entirely out of my size online, I thought maybe with luck I would find one odd one at the store. I have not been in the Sears here yet, and was surprised what a huge selection of unwearable clothes they carried. I was the ONLY person in the department, so I could try on whatever I liked and see how it looked. The price was right however, since the entire department seemed to be on sale. I bought nothing.
Then I tried my dear TJMAXX, which I am sad to say did not provide. I was about to surrender and make my own, since I have the pattern...but I looked up and saw the big rumdum, America's Thrift Store. Would luck arrive at last?

I found seven shirts that fit! One or two were brand new, and while I didn't find exactly the white or pink version I wanted, no mattter. I got these seven for

Nice collars, and fancy details. Three of them were white, with pintuck fabric, linen, or eyelet. Two with stripes, and altho none were pink, I can continue my quest, with renewed vigor.
At last, something to wear with my newly knit cardigans. Sigh.

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  1. Nice! Don't forget that if they are 100% cotton, you can always die a white one pink...

  2. Great price for almost brand new. Dyeing a shirt is a good option.

  3. I also bought 4 of these at Sears a few years ago. They are a classic :)

  4. I'm so jealous - I would LOVE to find a button-down shirt that fit my chest and arm length (although my problem is gorilla arms.) If a shirt fits through the bust, I'm swimming in fabric through the shoulders and waist. If the shirt fits in the shoulders it pulls through the bust. Aaarrrrgghh!

  5. Good job Mel - I recently bought four plaid men's shirts to use the fabric for a quilt - Lots of yardage for not much dough! :)

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Even though you crossed it out, I saw that "unwearable clothes" comment! I so agree. Did you ever see such hideous vistas in department stores? Awful colors, ugly prints, boob-showing sleeze. Glad I'm not the only one looking for classic clothes. Try Orvis, but they are expensive.


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