Sunday, August 19, 2012

Construction Zone

After playing hooky all day Friday, I was doubly determined to get into the studio Saturday and git 'er done.
I got this far. The main section is done, quilted, joined and ready for borders. I planned on stopping at the main section, but I had so many leftovers, I thought I could expand it from just 58x60 ish to maybe 76ish square.
When I make stripey borders, I usually quilt them at their full height and afterwards cut them in half to border two sides alike. These are currently around 15" wide, so 60+15+ one or two more inches will bring it up to 76ish finished.

You may notice some unintended wonkiness in my quandrants. O well.
I'm calling that personality.
I am loving the eeinsy connector strips, which as per last post, I am quilting down from the front, with careful pinning front to back.
As with knitting, I am all about construction techniques. I keep feeling like there is more to discover with this QAYG concept.

And today as I was breezing through Pinterest, I came across braided piecing, which I have loved and used often and I determined that this could work as a QAYG project.
I was in the shower at the time the construction idea came to me, so as soon as I was dry and dressed I ran to the studio to work out the design.
Simple pimple. Each of the chevrons could be quilted and joined as you go...into one big pieced chevron layout. Woowoo! Lots of scraps and solids can be used up in this design and it can be made LARGE because the component parts are quilted before joining. So exciting!

I have been looking for a way to use my stripe collection, and I think this may be IT.
Woo and Woo.

 I am currently sleeping under this blue and yellow quilt, which has a, I forget.
It was switched out with the newest pinky pieced quilt that I just finished (to display at Three Black Sheep).
This was one of the first successes in the QAYG era for me, and I still love that it was so improvisational, using up previously pieced leftovers to just good results. I must find time to make one of these again.


  1. You are so lucky to have a wonderful knitting shop like Three Black Sheep. I was devastated when they left Long Island. Always lovely yarns and very helpful!

  2. Love what you are working on. I want to start one. Like the braid idea, looking forward to what you do next.

  3. Melody, I think you need to write a book on this process. Along with design secrets. I am not really a quilter, but make art quits. What I admire most in your work is the designing talent, combined with visual appeal.


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