Monday, August 20, 2012

QAYG : For Diana

I was diligent and just kept sewing and vroom! finished it at 6:30 Sunday night. Just in time to photograph it on the bed before it started getting dark. Yes, I still need to do the binding, grrr, but really that is nothing compared to the rest of the quilt. It measures 78" x 80" and is more of a coverlet than a bedcover. If I had more of the print fabric I could make it larger, which is what is so amazing and wonderful about quilting as you go. More borders are easy to add. I particularly love the skinny connecting strips.

 I think one could easily snuggle under this big thing and feel toasty. But in this room, wear your sunglasses! What a contrast.

The fabric pack is called Fire. How appropo. And someone requested the pattern I used, so here it is. Not so helpful eh? But the one with the numbers is more visually understandable.

I cut three pieces of prints, six by 10.5 inches (includes the seam allowance). Sew them together, and then border them with three inch wide strips, and then 2.5 inch wide strips. Cut through the center and insert the center panel which is 21.25" bordered with 1.5" strips. The final top and bottom strip are the same fabric as the outer edge of the border, so it looks inset. Everything else in the quilt is fitted according to whatever it borders. The outer strips (the last stripped borders) are 15.5" inches long, bordered with a three inch wide strip along both the bottom and top. Quilt it and cut in half lengthwise. It is easier to quilt a bigger piece and cut it apart than to do smaller pieces. All that stopping and starting...

The Dawgs sincerely would like a ride in the van.

PS!!! My sister Brooke, has a new blog about her jewelry making techniques. I am amazed.
And her Etsy shop is where her gorgeous work is all lined up. I can't believe what she can do!
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  1. thanks for the free promo again, Mel. I wondered why I had 69 hits on my etsy shop at 11:00 in the morning, and an equally large number of views of my new blog. I shoulda known!

    Cute pups. Love the quilt. Diana will be thrilled.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! I can't thank you enough, I see many sweaters in your future....perhaps a coat....

  3. Deanna2:08 PM

    My office/studio also has "comic book green" walls. I love love love this color! Others blink when they see it, but I've gotten over it and just know that it is perfect for me.

    Thanks for posting the quilt on the bed. It shows that your blocks are much larger than I envisioned. Lovely!

  4. Love all your amazing quilts, such quilt love I'm having

  5. What a fiery quilt - love the colors & pattern!


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