Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cool Mist Pullover

I am rejoicing in the finale of this project which seemed to take months, but really was only knit on once or twice a week, since painting and quilting came into the mix. I kept changing my mind on what the design would be, and ripping and reknitting and then undoing some stitches all in pursuit of something 'new'. I wanted a loose oversized knockabout type jersey, and while I made my stitch count fit that design, the actuality was a tight fitting, hourglass shape, before blocking. Now that it has been wet blocked and relaxed, it is just the shape and looseness I was hoping. Sigh. Of. Relief.

This skirt was my inspiration. Seed stitch with a cable, and that cute seed stitch hem. On my version it is an OxOx cable and moss stitch with a two stitch kind of cable in the center.

The two stitch cable has two stitches of purl in between, and thus lots of give. On the sleeve it is holding together closely at the wrist but opened more at the shoulder. None of this was evident until it was blocked, giving me massive doubts as I continued knitting it. The center panel changes mid chest to a sort of V and then goes to a plain K2P2 ribbing towards the hem.

At the very end, I undid the neck which was knitted ribbing and changed it to moss, figuring there was no ribbing anywhere else in the piece, other than the center panel. Altho it looks like a round neck, on the body it is more of a wide scooped shape, something I don't usually make. The back is all stockinette. I used the Easy Way square straight knitting concept again, bottom up, but added a few decreases on my way up. Austermann Bamboo Soft (which it really is) 65% Merino, 35% Bamboo. Size 8 needles for the body and 7 for the sleeves and neckline. The body is knit in the round up to the armholes and then flat. The sleeves are picked up at the shoulder and knit flat, sewn to finish.

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  1. Love it! If I was a knitter and much thinner, I'd combine the skirt and the sweater and make a sweater dress. I love the belted skirt with the jacket picture and as a dress it could look fabulous.

  2. Beautiful sweater again! I am still working on my version of your Lime Swing Cardigan. It's looking so small, but I am hoping it will also block out to fit me. I am using a ribbon kind of yarn, which I have never used before, so I am nervous about this type of yarn blocking well. We'll see what happens.

  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous! You make me want to take up knitting again.


  4. Love your sweater. After seeing the book on your blog I bought a copy for $0.98! It's a great addition to my knitting book shelf.

  5. Absolutly fabulous! I love your pullover!

  6. Very nice job! It would be great if you referenced in your post what the skirt pattern is -


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