Friday, August 24, 2012

Calling the Fish

My early morning routine, like early enough to be out in my bad excuse for pajamas, routine, is to let out the pugs and feed the fish. I am not about to feed the fish without making them come to me first, by calling Here Fishies! I stand at the bank and withhold their food until they all arrive, which of course they do. It is a frenzy, and some are caught above the fray, so I can get a good look at them. I am particularly interested in seeing how our one and only koi is doing. In June I bought what I hoped were two koi from Walmart, which is the home of all of our goldfish. But now I am pretty sure I got a white goldfish and only one actual koi. Freckles, I know for sure is a koi, because he has barbs around his mouth, and cheek fins that he waves as he swims and is already as large as our four or five year old goldies.

Freckles may or may not be in this picture. He has totally differently coloring than any of our other fish, with chocolate and peach spotted head, a diamond patterned back and a large wonderfully flowing yellow-y tale. Just wait til the algae dies off, and then we shall see him in all his glory.
Like this specimen:


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  1. That sounds like a lovely morning ritual!

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    If you put a bale of barley straw in your pond it will do a lot to improve the algae... probably would want to put the straw in a chicken wire container so that you can remove it easily. You going to get another Koi?


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