Sunday, August 26, 2012

QAYG : In Between Art and Function

Looking to expand what I can do as a piecer, which to me still feels like a non-arty pursuit, I just dove into this work full steam ahead. I tried not to worry about making art, and focused instead on grouping pattern and space to be pleasing to the eye. The striped fabrics I have been saving are my theme, and I was happy to find solids that coordinated, being tied together with the stripes.

As I pieced, it grew very quickly and I had to reign in my enthusiasm, as this all must be quilted and I don't want to deal with a really large section at once, knowing I can add more to it afterwards.
So the bottom section and the sides are just pinned in place for now, and may or may not be joined by more tomorrow.
The large light colored fabric is cream, not white, and that is echoed in the stripes.
Will this be for the bed, the lap or the wall?
I just don't know yet. But I do know that it will be straight line quilted, because it hardly needs fussy stitches, and because I really like the look of the lines.
So far, it's about 41x56".

Because I am retired and no longer enter shows, making artquilts has sorta been put on the shelf for now, and replaced with these QAYG experiments. There is something so angst-free about making them, and I am having a good time just doing the work. I am trying not to think about storing them afterwards. Always an issue...

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  1. Isn't it great to just do what you want when you want?!

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Simply love it!!!

  3. All your work is an art work Melody.
    As always fantastic and original.
    Nice to see your quilting.

  4.'s a wonderful way to work, isn't it.

  5. Pam in SW Fl8:39 AM

    I would like to explore your comment about your belief piecing is not arty, if I am processing your words correctly.

    I only piece my own fabrics with an occasion bit of paint for highlighting.

    Pam in rainy SW Fl

  6. If you were a member of our Quilters' guild, we would get you busy making Community Service quilts! We have several organizations that maintain shelters for battered women or homeless that our guild donates quilts to... gives the gals a chance to make different patterns and create something that can be put to use instead of taking up closet space!

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Well, shucks. I was gonna say I'd be more than happy to store some of your quilts but tiedyejudy has a much better idea. Your work is fantastic, Melody.
    Maggie in Arizona

  8. Dear Pam in SW FL,
    I said 'FOR ME' piecing doesn't seem arty. I am so used to fusing my art quilts, instead of using techniques that would be difficult or time consuming to achieve my design objectives...when I piece, like in this work, I feel like I am not designing very much.

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