Monday, July 09, 2012

Wall o' Wool

  By request, I am sharing pictures of my hoard  collection o'yarn, by way of halting this obsession with finding fabulous bargains I cannot live without.
The new yarns, or recently purchased ones are still in bags, altho I did have to open them to fondle and squeeze the contents. The Expedit (IKEA doncha know) shelf has mostly smaller lots, leftovers, or orphans, which do get used in my more raucous designs.
My habit was fed by
and aka WEBS. All have very high quality name brands, always at ridiculous, impossible to ignore bargain prices. Impossible for me anyway.

 The idea was to see what I might be missing, colorwise, and the result was obvious. Not a thing. I have everything I might ever consider using. Not much in the way of tan, brown, beige or maroon, but I wouldn't care to use those colors, so no matter.

This small collection of red is just the new stuff as I have a whole drawer full of red/pink/and oranges.

 So when I look at all this treasure, I know I cannot knit it all up in my lifetime, but I do plan to try. And may I say, it is all so tantalizing that resistance is futile. Lucky for me, there are tons of things I haven't yet conquered in the craft, that beckon, and I do want to take up the challenge. Occasionally I will knit something on order for someone else and that helps, since I cannot possibly wear all the stuff I make enough to justify owning it all. Like any other art form, one must have a full palette in order to produce the work. Right?

The rest of the reds
Blues and multi blues
sock yarns
Malabrigo yarns
Koigu yarns
fingering weight, sock yarns
 The new contiguous pullover (Driftwood) is coming along nicely. and I have been watching Rebus, Bramwell, A Touch of Frost and Kingdom (not so great, but gorgeous scenery).

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  1. I am not a knitter so the yarn is just beautiful color to me. What I lust after is the shelving and all the plastic containers you own!

  2. Beautiful!! You are a lucky gal!

    I loved A Touch Of Frost and was sorry to see my viewing come to an end.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Eye candies! Have you thought about having yet another wool sale? It would make space for new

  4. Yup....have to have a full box of crayons!

  5. Thank you, now I don't feel so guilty about my yarn stash.

  6. Thank you for all the great inspiration. I like the Driftwood sweater, and got the pattern. I know i could ask the designer, but i love your creative insight to patterns. What I am wondering about the sleeve. Is it a "set in sleeve" or a raglan. I don' t care for raglan but love set in sleeves, and this would make matching stripes much easier. I guess I could knit the smallest size and someday my granddaughter will grow into it.

    You have become my " go to" site for british mysteries, knitting and quilting inspiration. Thank you

  7. And I thought I have a lot of yarn!!!
    But I agree - an artist needs a full palette.
    I don't know whether to share my newest find for great yarns at even greater prices or not????

  8. After seeing all that yarn, I don't feel quite the hoarder, as I think my "collection" of yarn is close to the size you have. Not only bargain yarn I have purchased, but also yarn that was given to me. At a few quilt and fiber art groups I belong to, we have a "free table" where people bring unwanted items that can be anything at all, and you can grab something you want. I tend to bring home more stuff (fabric, yarn, etc) than I try to get rid of on the free table, so that's another reason why I have so much. At least it was free and it's a harmless hobby (obsession).

  9. I love me a good wall o' wool! Thanks for the eye candy. I didn't know was also a source for yarn. The other two are regulars to me.

    Kay - no fair! What is the newest place?????

  10. I love me a good wall o' wool! Thanks for the eye candy. I didn't know was also a source for yarn. The other two are regulars to me.

    Kay - no fair! What is the newest place?????


  12. Angela2:02 PM

    mmmmm, a bin of koigu...

  13. Susan3:00 PM

    You have the same sickness that I do!! Doesn't Little Knits just kill you...I'm trying to stay "good"......We need to see a picture of you in your beautiful Aran Cardigan...

  14. Wow, you do have an amazing amount of wool! For you though, it is truly an art form and so you do need the palette.
    Although I consider myself an artist, my knitting is pretty mundane. It keeps my hands busy when I sit.
    I too would love to see the red Aran on.

  15. Hi Im Anne from Australia and I discovered WEBS, Your not wrong about there bargains, I got some Noro Retro when it was $4.99 you can't get that over here. Noro expensive over here.
    It alot cheaper buying on line than buying over here Ive have bit of a stash as well. I have to check out Littleknits thanks for the links.
    I do like to surport local Yarn Shops, I just got sick of RUDE shop assistant's. My local yarn shop the lady who owns the shop is such a grump. Im amazed her shop is still open and she hates Noro! and won't stock it.

  16. I don't feel so guilty now with my stash but I must say my obession at the moment is Wollmeise
    WEBS is my favourite online store and it is amazing for its prices and delivery even way downunder
    Enjoy your day, love reading your blog it is wonderful to see how below in other countries live and it isn't that much different to us all.

  17. Julie8:09 PM

    I watched every episode of Bramwell when it was on Masterpiece Theatre years ago,loved it and may just watch it again.How is Rebus?...looked interesting..thanks for all the recommendations. Julie(a TQS member).


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