Thursday, July 12, 2012

Six am Photoshoot

I love this new pullover!
I started this contiguous shoulder design, Driftwood, on Sunday and finished it last night. It was soooooo easy and fast. And it fits like a dream without blocking! The yarn is Malabrigo Rios for the dark stripe and Zara merino for the light minty green stripe, size 8US needles, and 7US for the neckline and ribbing. So soft and totally wearable next to the skin, and the springiness makes my usually sloppy stockinette look like it was machine knit.
The pattern is perfect for the brand new knitter and could be your very first sweater. Top down, no sewing, and lovely gentle increases at the hip.
 The increases begin at the back neck and shoulder and when the required amount is achieved, then the markers are moved one stitch over and the increases are then done at just the sleeve.

Here it is as it developed into a set-in looking sleeve.
I admit I changed the increases from make one left and/or make one right to just k1fb which worked out just as well.

This set-in sleeve look is what all the fuss is about.
 The neckline and front placket are picked up later, and I did change mine from plain stockinette meant to roll, to ribbing and garter ribbing which I prefer to the rolling edges of the pattern.
I love the fact that two increases at the back neckline look like little darts. They keep the neck close while at the same time adding more stitches to the back. Genius.

I chose these colors because I had only three skeins of the minty green Zara and only two of the Malabrigo. I hoped all the way through that I would have enough to finish the sweater. The original showed a color change at the hip and wrist, so I dug out some orphan Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in aqua to do the last rounds.

 At knitting yesterday, I had my pal Judy take photos of me in the new Aran Cardigan, as per your request.

 It's curvy in the just the right way.
The rains continue, and I am just loving staying in and watching Netflix. I am turning into a hermit. ha!

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  1. I love both sweaters. The earrings and skirt colors match so well and go great with the orange sweater!

  2. That is a very modern looking Aran! It's lovely on you with that ensemble.

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Wow! Both the aran and the card are beautiful!

  4. Wow, Mel - you look fabulous!!! very successful weight loss journey for you!! (oh yea - and the sweaters are great, too!!)

  5. Those two sweaters are awesome. You do beautiful work.

  6. Thanks for your great pictures and explanation. I got the pattern after seeing your first post about this sweater, but I understand it much better now. I'm going to have to try this immediately, but probably as a cardigan, with finer yarn, just one color, and maybe a lace panel or two. Other than that, an exact copy.

  7. wow, the orange cabled cardigan is awesome and you look great in it!

  8. You look great in both!
    The pullover's set-in looking sleeve is beautiful and the neckline is just right, the colors are super!
    The Aran Cardigan is nice and the curvy line makes it really feminin, the color is great with your skirt and shirt and those earrings complete your outfit!
    Two super pieces you knitted!

  9. Judy Morningstar11:30 PM

    Both sweaters look mighty spiffy!
    Your yellow and orange ensemble are yummy!

  10. Gorgeous sweaters, both of them! I AM going to try that contiguous method one of these days!

  11. You are a knitting machine! I've been eyeballing contiguous knits for a while now and they may be the answer to a cardigan I've knitted mostly from the bottom up, as long as I can get the stitch counts to line up so I can graft the top and bottom together. Plus it looks interesting and no seaming is even better!
    BTW, as the crow flies, Little Knits' shop is about 6 miles from me - thank heavens it is a lot further by road! (But I do have a car now... oh dear!)

  12. Susan9:44 AM

    I Love Love Love the Aran sweater! You look great in it! (and I still say you are the fastest knitter alive)

  13. Love the Jam's skirt.

  14. Love the Jam's skirt.

  15. Nice clothes ma'am. It's really worth it to take pictures at 6am with those lovely quilted clothes.


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