Friday, July 13, 2012


Beets are an acquired taste, I know, but straight from the garden and into the boiling water til tender, butter, salt and pepper = Ambrosia. I am the only diner, and I will enjoy them at my leisure. I pulled one tiny carrot to see how they were coming along, and tiny tho it is, I do in tend to have it for my lunch too, along with the tomatoes and zucchini. It is so summer here. Two and a half days of blissful all night rains have made everyone feel revived, and there is hope for the garden, mostly. Lots of dead leaves need to be removed, and then the flowers will look prettier.

Speaking of removing...sitting on this chair are my very best quilts, which were returned from a gallery show which ran from January to March. They have been sitting there since they were returned. I was so disgusted with the experience that I couldn't touch them, until today. I am unrolling them and may hang a few in the house, to remind myself of what I used to love doing.
Talking it over with my sister this morning helped me get in touch with my feelings. This show was by invitation and it was nice to be included, but nothing came of it. Not one person let me know they saw the show, and the gallery was silent about it too. It was like it never happened, and it left me with a bad feeling, like 'What's the point?"

Add to this, the blocks that I made in February are also still sitting on my wall, not inspiring me in the least. I have no storage space for another quilt. Can't put them on the bed, due to muddy feet and dawg wars.
O sure, once in a while I look at them and think each one could become the center of its own quilt, like the seeds of nine new works, (9!) but while I am in this negative frame of mind, nothing will come of it.

So I am taking them off the wall and putting them away.

Perhaps if I remove all this from view, I will not have studio avoidance and something else will happen there. We'll see.

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  1. Oh dear, what a disappointment! I do hope that putting the work away will help you deal with the creative ebb and flow and that you find yourself in an "arty" frame of mind someday! Your talent is immense, and your experiences in the art quilt world have held such highs (at least, it appears to me), but I can see how that can set you up for disappointment.

    I know that what motivates me to make today is quite different from a few years ago, and I'm sure a few years from now it will be different once again. (It's a blessing and a curse, isn't it, to have this need to create!) Keep following your path, we love that you share it with us!

  2. Please show us the quilts you got back and think are your very best! I, of course, think mine is one of your very best but I would have a hard time choosing from all of your beautiful work.
    Where was the gallery show? Maybe someplace that's never seen art quilts before? Sounds like bad manners on the part of the owners for not sending comments and thanks for participating.
    I have no doubt you'll be interested in quilting again. I think most of us get filled to the brim with whatever we've obsessesed over but get reenergized when we're filled to the brim with whatever took it's place!

  3. I've never entered any of my quilts in a show before. I think because of the expense of the entry fees and the fear of the critics. I often thought if I had entered, would I ever hear any feedback from anyone and of course I would also wonder what's the point if you hear nothing. But think about it this way: we blog and post about our quilts, knitting, garden, etc. and sometimes you get no comments at all, sometimes a couple and other times quite a few. I know people are looking at my posts whether they feel they want to make a comment or not. Before people discovered my blog and I had less than a dozen followers, I rarely ever got a comment and wondered the same thing as you, why bother? But I blog and post what I make because it pleases me and it's a record of my own journey. I know others are out there even if they never utter a word to me. I know I must be inpsiring some people too, whether they tell me so or not. So Mel you need to think of the show as a live blog posting where lots of people came and I am sure were blown away by your gorgeous works of art, yet you never heard the comments they spoke.

    The people putting on the show, well they should know better and should have thanked you told you how much they appreciated your quilts in their show. So maybe they weren't experienced in doing a show? Most people running shows ask you to fill out and evaluate the show and what they can improve on to make it a better show, etc. for the next year. Did they even do that? If not maybe you could write them your own critic and let them know your thoughts.

    Bottom line Mel is that you have a huge following here in blogland that love ALL that you do. So don't let a poorly run show get you down. I understand how you feel as I have felt like many times when I teach others (for free)and don't get any response from them either. Did they like what I taught? Did I do a good job? Some don't even offer a thank you and I never charged a cent. Was it that they have poor manners or just that they didn't even think to say anything? So I too wonder what was the point. I continue doing what I enjoy doing and when it no longer is fun or enjoyable anymore I will stop doing it. I have been in a quilting slump myself and have only been knitting and doing other crafts for now. Oh my, I guess my thoughts runneth over look how much I wrote!

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  5. You could send those blocks to me! I LOVE them and surely could put them to good use! I hope you get your creativity back. You do the most fantastic art quilts of anyone!!

  6. Celeste Wegner5:57 PM

    Good idea to remove the wall project from sight - I was thinking that and in your next sentence that's what you did. Right decision. I am surprised not a word was said about the art quilts you sent. I saw one of the ones you sent (my absolute favorite can't afford it wall hanging called "Paths" I think?). It is nice to get external validation occassionally but it's surprising no appreciation forthcoming for the effort you put forth to wrap and send at your expense. Go figure. I've become a fan of beets as well--takes longer to prepare than other veggies but very good for your health so worth it.

  7. Ditto to all the above comments about your work, it is absolutely amazing, and that itself is an understatement. You were a true inspiration to me when I began to learn how to dye fabrics and believe me when I say I went back however many years you've been blogging and read every post to glean as much information I could about your techniques and suggestions. So thank you!
    By the way, FYI, I just dyed some wool with beet tops, I just couldn't not use them, and it came out a kind of peachy fleshy color. I've used beets before too and it comes out a beautiful orangey/rusty color, its just incredible.

  8. I like what patchouli moon had to say. I often feel the same way, but right now I create because I need to. It is what I do.
    That said though there are times when one just gets tired of something and there is a need for change.
    Your inner artist will come out. Your sweaters are definitely not just craft. You are very talented there too.
    Yes, put your blocks away, do what makes you happy and some day perhaps you'll be inspired to quilt again. Do it for you though.

  9. Very disappointing about the show. I do love your idea of putting the blocks away. They will still be in the back of your memory, and when inspiration strikes--there they are! Unless you are like me and you can't find them...

    I do love those blocks, and they make me want to get into my organized(!) scrap basket and make some imitations.

    I am knitting again, in big part to your inspiration as well as a couple of friends. And I am in the middle of a big quilt project due to your inspiration when you did that quilt along with solid fabrics. I can't stop using them now! So thank you for all of that. Oh yeah, I'm gardening too, for the first time in three years!

    P.S. I love beets too--roast them and put in salad with the walnut/goat cheese combo--nothing better!

  10. How disappointing regarding the quilts!
    But your veggies look lovely. I am excited - tomorrow I get to pick a strawberry as big as my thumbnail (lol) and maybe two snowpeas from my balcony garden. (I think so far they and the four bits of basil plus a minute amount of cilantro have cost us about $200.)

  11. Anonymous4:14 AM

    I haven't read through the comments here, so I don't know if anyone suggested writing to the Gallery to find out the response to the Exhibition. I wouldn't waste time feeling disappointed. Channel your energies into things more positive...just for your information, ask the Gallery what the response was and that you think it is unprofessional of them not to let you know in the first place.
    Have a nice and productive weekend, we are having lousy weather here but trying to make the best of Europe.

  12. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Really what more would you like everyone to do for you...your narcissism is showing. Maybe the show wasn't well received...ever think of that?

  13. I totally understand your disappointment, and would feel the same if I were you. You make some of the most incredibly awesome quilts I've ever seen, and I can't believe they weren't well received by visitors to the exhibit, if in deed there were any visitors!
    I do understand your lack of enthusiasm for creating any more quilts right now, and think you are smart to put the squares away for awhile. You're having lots of fun with yarn, so that is filling your creative need for the moment. The studio will still be there when the muse awakens! Just don't ever send another thing to that gallery again... they suck, and they don't deserve you! So there...

  14. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Well, I like your quilts so much that I even follow you through the knitting process, and I don't knit (yet). Two steps forward and one step back. Thank you for sharing your feelings (we all have them, right?)

    You are so talented that you are an actual artist, not a hobbyist. Wish I did what you did, but alas, I will just continue to stalk your blog. Cheerio!

  15. I just wanted you to know that I cannot believe that no one contacted you about your quilt show. I am so amazed at your talent, sight unseen I am sure your quilts were incredible & the operators of the show should have written to thank you for deigning to share your creations with them and their clients. It raises the prestige of a gallery to show top-of-the-line, original, quality pieces. They raise the bar for everyone who is lucky enough to be able to see them. Well done.


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