Sunday, July 08, 2012

Just One More Thing . . .

Honestly, I was all set to clean up the studio, but instead I decided to pull out all my secreted, closeted (new) yarn onto the floor, to shame myself into a yarn buying cessation...I showed it all to my darling husband who declared that I had a sickness. So true.
But it felt so wonderful to see it all spread out and touchable. Then I started putting it into those big Glad bags, by color, and somehow I drifted into thinking I could just start something new and then get back into cleaning up the messy studio.
This stripey sweater is the current hot new thing, Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer a contiguous top down faux set in sleeve design which you may remember I tried and frogged back in mid-June. But this version was more appealing and I liked the instructions a lot better, so I just found some delicious Malabrigo Rios multi, and some icey minty Zara merino and printed out the instructions. Soon I had totally forgotten all about cleaning the studio. So easily distracted.

I spent a few hours knitting in the still messy yarn strewn studio (watching Netflix episodes of Bramwell) and then gathered my supplies and computer and settled back down in my very clean loft bedroom and continued my knitting until it was suddenly 6:30pm. Where did the day go?
I got as far as an inch or two before I must separate the sleeves from the body and join it all in the round.
It's a very, very easy pattern to follow, but the increases are M1L and M1R which are annoying since you must do it on the right AND  the wrong sides, so I just switched to K1P1 as my increases. Hey, it's my knitting, and it doesn't matter much at all in the finished product.
What is important and satisfying is that the striping is continued perfectly all around the body. You will note in the first picture that there is a color change near the wrist and hips, which is something that will be happening in my version too, as I happened to choose yarns that are insufficient to finish the whole sweater. No worries, I have plenty of other colors to fill in the design.

This is the mostly challenging part of the pattern, hence my interest in conquering it. And now that I have, I feel that I can spare a few hours back in the a minute.

By the way, good news! This horrible heat wave will be ending later this week, with lots of lovely rain predicted.
Won't that be grand?

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  1. OOOOO, I'm loving this sweater!

  2. Wait! Post a pic of that yarn stash so we can revel in your yarn goodness too!

  3. Oh my, I would love to live where you are. Horrible heat wave is about how it is here between May and September.

  4. I am still too busy admiring your orange/red sweater to look at anything else (almost). You did get me at Malibrigo Rios. That may be my favorite yarn. But I love the yarn you used in the orange/red sweater also.

  5. Do you read Bonnie Hunters Blog Quiltville? The last few days she has been at her Mothers, and she has such a lovely garden, it reminds me of yours as she has lots of Hostas too. I thought you might like to pop over and have a nosey, if you haven't seen it already.

  6. It's a pretty sweater, and , my you knit fast! I guess it's more that I can't stick to it as long.
    We had terribly warm muggy weather but it is lovely and cool here today. It may last a couple of days before it warms up again.

  7. So, did you use a different pattern than Driftwood? Pray tell what it is. I think a hoodie with this style would be great too.

  8. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Did you accumulate all that just while you have been in Tennessee? Am I wrong when I say I thought that you unloaded a like amount just before you departed Illinois? I will not throw stones however as I have accumulated a like amount for various of my hobbies.
    One can't go out looking at the last minute for necessities. It makes so much sense to have it waiting for your every wish.
    doesn't it????????????SewsewLiz


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