Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morning Song

Morning Song
acrylic on canvas with stamping, collage, ink and colored pencils.
$100 Email me. Sold

Sometimes things just work, effortlessly. I looked at the pile of painted papers and stamping I had made previously and found a color scheme made to order. Sunny yellow and sky blues with touches of green and gold. So fresh and happy, matching my great weather day...no rain, sweet breezes and much cooler temps. The birds agreed and tweeted loudly.

Lots of fun details were added with square brushstrokes, dots and lines of ink, and circles from stamping. I accented the large swaths of color with transparent glazes. It is finished with a layer of satin varnish.

I love this long narrow format. It fits in spots with only a small space.

A question about my tools came up...I like the flat chisel end brushes for washes, juicy brushstrokes, and lines. Details are painted with rounds, which form sharp points. The inks I use are acrylic, permanent, waterproof inks. And the dip pens are various widths, inexpensive and yet durable.
My colored pencils are both Derwent water soluble ones, and the other more familiar soft Prismacolor.

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  1. I love it! Looks like the birdies are enjoying the sunshine and water!

  2. LynneP8:42 AM


  3. Pretty!

    Make one that speaks to a birdie in a puddle bathing to go with it. I want to see what you do with their funny way of shaking the water off

  4. Beautiful, Melody. Love those colors!


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