Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daisy Duet

Daisy Duet
acrylic on canvas, with collage, ink and stamping.
$100 Email me.

When I look back at my painting classes in art school, I know they would have never allowed the kind of work I have done this week. It was all 'old school' techniques which were fine, and produced lovely paintings, but, they were nothing like the fun I am having now!
Drawing was always my strength, but when it comes to presentation, one needs a mat, and a frame and that makes it expensive on a student budget. With this painting I have solved the problem of how to present a drawing and have it be complete and ready to hang.  Of course, the drawing isn't alone, but it would only be a pencil sketch without the color, which makes it all the more exciting to me.
I drew the flowers with pencil on paper, painted a tinted wash over them and then collaged them to the wet-with-molding-paste canvas. I had to wait for everything to dry, so I washed a sinkful of dishes and when I was done, the paint was dry and ready for color.

These flowers are from my garden, and are just about taking over the section they share with a huge hydrangea and a really large sedum. The rain of the last two weeks has revived the plants and now I have dozens of daisies to cut and paint.

The tinted wash covered the flowers completely and the background. Then I used opaque paint to bring out the petals and stems. Much easier than trying to paint in between each petal. Then I added pen lines for accents.

My new tiny foam brush made painting the dots so fuss free. Where has this tool been all my life? The paper that I drew on was torn to make the edges interesting.
And I imbedded some of the edges in molding paste to make them blend into the surface. So much fun stuff to do.


  1. Lovely! It's obvious by looking at the photos that you are having a wonderful time... I love all the textures and markings, and the colors are yummy! Who wants to be an Old Master anyway? Bet they didn't have nearly as much fun!

  2. I just love your joy that comes through on your blog! You always make my day! I'm loving your paintings too.

  3. Melody, This work is so lovely. Is it for sale?

  4. Oops! I forgot to add the sale price. There it is now...

  5. So sweet and beautiful! Love it!

  6. I love the new paintings. They are so bright and happy and fun to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The fun definitely translates onto the canvas. And thanks for answering my questions the other day.

  8. That would look great in you happy loft bedroom.

  9. Anonymous1:22 PM

    OMG. . .I'm in love!


  10. It really does look like you're having fun. It is joyous!

  11. You are a creative and gifted artist, no matter the medium. Really interesting and beautiful work. Very fresh. Very cool!

  12. Melody,
    I love that you have gotten into painting again. Looking quite loosey goosey!

  13. Just to be clear I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO! Call me a groupie. You are my first crush and I am 57! Thank you, thank you for sharing, JILL

  14. Hi, Melody!

    Love your "work" that's so obviously joyous! Thanks for sharing it.

    I'm sure it's not as easy as you make it sound.

    I'm in a new, small apartment and would love to have some of these on my wall! I will email you!


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