Friday, June 29, 2012

Bored? Rearrange!

Since I am stuck lucky to be indoors in the air conditioned house, my attention miraculously turns to the interiors, which I usually just take for granted on the way out. I felt that the furniture which had been up against the balcony railing was blocking the cool air from reaching me across the room and I needed to switch around the arrangement.

My room is an odd shape with only three walls, a bathroom, staircase, and doorway that all have to be accomodated. But luckily I have only a twin bed, and a sofa that fits the space under the window, perfectly. The small tables are easy to move and I was able to do all this rearranging while Dave was out buying an air compressor. (The new truck needs lots of accessories, ha!)
With all the quilts I have made for my bed, I continue to use the cotton duck coverlet, since it is washable and sorta dawg proof. I put on a quilt when we have company, which was only once so far this year. If you come over, I'll haul out a quilt.
I have to have an ottoman by the sofa, because I write and knit there and need to be comfy. Usually I have to fight Chester for it.

Although the pugs are short haired, they shed like the dickens and their hair matches the color of the floor, so it is shocking to see the piles of hair swept up whenever I can find the broom and dustpan.
O how I pray they would spend the whole night right where they're at in this picture.

This redo was instigated because it was time to change the sheets, and once I saw the naked mattress I thought, "If I take that off the bedframe, I can move it easier", which was almost true. I moved the frame then the tables and then the frame and then the sofa, and then the frame and then the mattress fell down and then.. well, you get the picture. There was a lot of dusting and tossing out globs of hair, and finding lost knitting markers and used tissues as well as assorted pens and pencils,  and as I worked I listened to an interview with the late Nora Ephron. Gosh, she was great.
I loved her book I Feel Bad About My Neck.

O yes, I do too.
She was only 71 and accomplished so much in her life. Since I am 64, I suddenly think..."Am I doing enough?"
So I got out the Windex and paper towels and really cleaned.

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  1. Your space is bright and cheery, yet cosy. One thing leads to another doesn't it.? I don't know the book. I shall have to check her out.

  2. I just did some rearranging myself.
    I love how it makes me feel after like I am in a whole new space. Luckily my two dogs do not shed!

  3. Well, Melody, I am 69 and also I am/was a fan of Norah Ephron. When you asked yourself the question, "am I doing enough" -- I thought of asking myself that question. My answer was not to get out the windex and paper towel, my answer was to get out my quilt-a-long project and look up that you tube on how to join that yarn back to the back so I can knit up to the soulders. :-) Housework is so highly overrated in MHO! I do have a cat that sheds like crazy so I am forever running the vacuum.
    sandi in chattanooga

  4. I, too, was a fan of Nora Ephron. Your last sentence made me chuckle. Thanks!

  5. Love your constant (to me) rearranging! I too loved Nora Ephron and just listened last night to the interview on Fresh Air. I too feel bad about my neck (and my face, and my arms, gave up on my legs years ago!).

  6. I have 4 labs and 3 cats. I love the labs, short hair, shouldn't shed much. Well that is true for 2 of them, kinds true for a 3rd, but a flat out lie for the 4th one. That dog sheds more in one day than the other 3 do in a week combined! You should see the HUGE hair piles I get off the laminate on the weekends. Sometimes I wonder if we have another cat I don't know about. I so want carpet back in there, at least then it won't be air borne. I will have to check out that book, see if the library has it.

  7. Уютно и красиво! Идеально всё подобрано по цветам. Очень понравилось панно на стене.

  8. I love your action, your room does look great!

  9. Your room looks like a lovely retreat.

  10. I am happy to see someone else build a "nest" where their bed is... my universe feels muddled if I am not in my own nest. I love the couch seating area....where is the TV??

  11. Sharon S, central Oregon7:08 PM

    Just discovered your blog. I recently took a class from Laura W. & I have been a fan of the "Chicago School of Fusing" for a few years now. Looking through all you do, I would say you do more than the average quilter/knitter/gardener/dyer/chef/wife/etc., etc., etc. How much sleep do you squeeze into a day? I envy your association with Laura and Frieda. You seem very blessed and talented, and I hope I get to read your blog for many years to come.

  12. OK, did I miss the "after"photos?? I am confused. Love Norah Ephron. I chose "I Feel Bad About My Neck" for last months selection for my book club. I wanted something fast & light. I loved it, and her observations are "spot on".


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