Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Days of June

 It continues to be blistering hot, so watering every morning and evening is a must. At least I have these Stargazers to enjoy while I complete the task. These got potted last year, survived the winter nicely in the same pots, are blooming and then will be moved away to a safe location after they finish their season of pinkness.
This is a different variety, minus the white edge and the dotted throat.

The Guacamole hosta has a huge stalk and blooms that don't droop, making it one of the only ones in the garden worth noting. The first bloom on this stalk has passed without a photo, darn, and was looking straight up towards the sky, so unlike all the other hosta blooms.

We have hosta all over the place now, and some are doing well while others have suffered severe sunburn, and should be relocated when the season cools down.

The pondside of the house, is really too hot to visit, except on the way home from the veggie beds. Phlox and cleome have taken over, and the purple hydrangea blooms are drying up while it hangs on waiting for rain, like the rest of us. The tall as the house magnolia was planted as a 4' tree only four years ago.  It is doing quite well in this location.
The weather forecast says we might stay in the 100's and can hope to see rain perhaps by Monday. Yeah, sure. Stay cool everyone.

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  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Melody, you have both done such a wonderful job with your garden. It is pleasure to look at and an inspiration for me.


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