Sunday, July 01, 2012

Reprieve in the Forecast

There is hope on the horizon that this beastly heat will abate and we'll get the much needed rain. I am not suffering but it does sadden me to see my flowers and plants shrivel, even tho I water them daily. It's just not enough. Even the lily pads are getting crispy around the edges. Every year I dream about having a garden party, but it never happens. I think...I'll wait til everything is in bloom, and then it's graduation time or Memorial Day and people are all too busy to get out here. Maybe next year I'll send my invitations early, like January...Ha!

I am keeping busy, feet up, lemonade nearby, knitting, unknitting, and reknitting, as is my usual design approach. And I am picking lots of green beans and zucchini, but not baking the planned zucchini bread I had in mind. Too hot to turn the oven on. No one expects much from anyone with weather like this, and I am glad for that.

And I have managed to put off the laundry for several days, again. Today it must get tackled. The dawgs spent most of yesterday sleeping and then had war games during the middle of the night. My bed is their favorite battlefield.
Dave stays out there in the hot garage, working on his beloved truck, and then comes in filthy and sweaty, but happy. What is it with men? I make him sit on the plastic chairs, not on our newly covered recliners. They remain pristine.

We had a close call yesterday... our cable and internet went down for an hour! We had a new cable guy come out, after I fixed/rebooted/called the tech guys. Young, tight jeans, tighter T-shirt. Phew.


  1. Oh, Melody! I'm just so happy when you post. Today was a laugh-out-loud one! Here's hoping for another snag in the cable.

  2. Here in Portland Or. We are still waiting for summer, hard to believe the rest of the country is burning up.
    I want to change to your cable co. That will warm it up.

  3. My son lives in Indiana. He has only 32 inches of water left in the well and then he will be dry. His neighbors have already run dry. We really need rain.

  4. Leigh4:14 PM

    need photos the next time the cable guy comes out! Seems like it's hot in every way there.

  5. Cable guy gives a new meaning to hot at Melody's house!

  6. Anonymous9:45 AM

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