Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blocking Pink Tutu

Pink Tutu is the color name of this yarn. It's a strange but nice combination of cotton, alpaca and nylon. Warm and lightweight, with lots of texture. It's being blocked on my new dryer thingy. I saw one on Ravelry, and wrote an email to the knitter who had pictured hers. I found mine on Amazon here.
Its easy to block on this dryer frame, and because it sits up about 5" from the guest bed, my usual spot to block my knits, it gets air circulation on both sides at once. I have a ceiling fan going on full blast too, and that really speeds up the drying time. Not that I need to wear this sweater anytime soon, as it is getting warmer everyday.

Speaking of getting warmer, the lilies in the pond are showing off lots of color. I like this shot which looks like the St. Louis Arch. ha!

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  1. Beautiful sweater. I do so love pink!

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I also think this sweater is beautiful. I'm not usually fond of pink, but I think this pink sweater is perfectly beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous sweater, and ditto for the garden! So glad the dawgs enjoy it, too... :-)

  4. I concur! The pattern of this sweater is very appealing! Not too bulky, good lines. And I like the dryer thingy! Very smart idea!


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