Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink Tutu Jacket

Hey, guess what? I finally figured out that I need a permanent hanging system to shoot my knits. The rod now hangs from the ceiling rail and I can just slip on the sweater and not have a messy background cluttering up things. Duh. It took me long enough....This may be the longest sweater I ever knit. 32" from shoulder to hem. So I am calling it a jacket.
Anyway, here's the finished Pink Tutu Jacket. Knit side to side and then the sleeves are picked up and knit downward. No seams! Yay. We like that. I may write out the very easy peasy pattern.

I took a four or five hour break from knitting on the advice of my DH who thinks I am obsessed.


Later I thought I might just do some swatching, which is an excuse to try out yummy yarns, with no project in mind.
I got out my ancient Treasury of Knitting Patterns, by the saintly Barbara G. Walker.
I love that they look difficult and fancy but are really simple.
The first one is the Horseshoe pattern in Silky Wool.
and below it is Crest of the Wave in Araucania merino (dee-lish-us) (detailed instructions below).

Then by six pm I had taken a long enough break and started this Vine Lace Vest. I may follow the pattern...except add sleeves, if I have enough yarn


  1. I LOVE the pink jacket!!! One of my all-time fav's that you've done :) Gorgeous!

  2. I love this jacket too and would love to have the pattern.....You are a very talented lady.....I am always anxious to see what you are up to next...

  3. If Pink Tutu is truly easy, peasy, then I would like to try to make it. I like that no seam deal!!

  4. I love the Pink Tutu design! Thanks for the inspiration

  5. You really just made up the pattern???? I'm so impressed.
    I'd love to make it. Hope you do write the pattern.

  6. Teresa1:05 PM

    I love this. It makes me want to branch out from making hats! I love the collar

  7. Celeste Wegner1:34 PM

    The collar & lapel are just the ticket to make this jacket perfect. Beautiful

  8. The pink sweater jacket is gorgeous! Don't you ever get tendinitus or other extreme-knitting injuries from all this activity?

  9. gorgeous cardi - love the colour and the yarn.

  10. Ditto on wanting the pattern!


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