Monday, April 02, 2012

Sleeves on Two Circular Needles

I was finished with the body of my raglan sweater and about to start on the first sleeve when I realized that I had no size 7 double pointed needles. I like to knit sleeves in the round (hate seaming) and was faced with the dilemma of what needles to use. Then I found this sweater pattern which called for two sets of circular needles to knit the sleeves. I HAVE those, in size seven, since they are part of my set of Harmony interchangeable needles. Woowoo!
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Dreary color, but a nice design. I will have to try this

It is so simple. Put half the stitches on one needle and the other half on the second. Knit all the stitches on the first needle, drop it and pick up the second one and knit all of those. The 'gap' between the two needles is nonexistent if you are careful to make that first stitch nice and firm.
I have used two circs on socks and didn't like that so much as they are so tiny and four dpns are more familiar to me in that case. But this is the berries.

This is the underarm where the decreases are made and where the pattern jogs a tiny bit. I am not concerned about this imperfection.
I'm a rebel.

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  1. Zieknits9:45 AM

    I knit socks like this, too.

    And if you have 4 circulars (I use 16") you can knit both socks concurrently: Toe 1. Toe 2. Foot 1. Foot 2. Etc...

    No second-sock syndrome! :)


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