Saturday, March 31, 2012

Raglan Knitting

I love knitting raglan sweaters, and this is my seventh one (this year!) and I see no signs of stopping. What makes raglans so wonderful is that you can try them on as you knit, by slipping the stitches off the needles onto a scrap piece of yarn. This allows you to decide if you need more rows before sectioning off for the sleeves, or if you need to unknit to make a tighter armhole. My armhole measurement is between 15" for a tighter fit and 18" for a comfy looser fit. I am at just the right measurement for that looser fitting cardigan.
And it won't be gaping in the front either, judging by the measurements here. Of course this is lying flat and on the body, which is three dimensional in a BIG way, we must account for the underarm connecting.
So to try it on the body, I connect the corners of the raglan, the underarm portion, by the marker rings and a safety pin marker.
Then I put it on carefully, and close the neckline with another safety pin marker.

It looks like I am ready to join the stitches and begin to knit the body of the sweater. Yay!
The reference pattern is a top down raglan which allows for more height in the back neck and a slightly lowered front neck. I may or may not add ribbing. It looks pretty at the edges at the moment. We'll see.
Multiple cotton and cotton/viscose yarns, mostly my hand dyeds.

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  1. Such beautiful colors! You are an inspiration. :)

  2. Ohhhhhh, I love this. Add to my list of must do. I am currently hooked on socks, by the way thanks for all your help getting me started. Would this work with the leftover sock yarn?

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  4. It's looking great! I'm so impressed at your knitting skill and how quickly you knit. You get so many things done!!! Love the colors too!

  5. The colors are beautiful.

  6. This post was so timely! Knitting a ragland with #5s and bamboo yarn, and had gotten to the the point today to split into front, back, and sleeves. Trying it on showed I needed another inch! Thanks for this post!

  7. Loving the spring cheerful colors.


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