Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Next Project. . .The Dream Coat

I have been 'behaving' colorwise  with my knitting of late, and for my next project I am ready to play with LOTS of colors. This jacket on the cover of Dazzling Knits (click for link to Amazon and bigger pictures), has always intrigued me and yet I  had doubts about it too.

 Here is a finished product from Ravelry ( ) and while she did a great job, she also has some doubts about all those diamonds at the hipline. For me, the closure in front was the main problem, preventing me from ever attempting the pattern. But then I thought, what if the diamonds were on top and those long panels were at the waist?

Seems like a much better idea to me. So I am starting at the bottom and will make it the top. And to start, I am making it a pullover, and if that works, then I may try it again as a cardigan with a different front. Stay tuned.

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  1. Teresa10:06 AM

    My first thought was - no big mitered squares in the hip area! Love your idea of flipping it. Ou will look long and lean!

  2. The diamonds get the attention, so it's for every figure different where to attract the attention ;-)

  3. Love your idea to flip it over! I have collected scads of youn to do this very jacket.

  4. Oops! That should have read yarn. Nancy

  5. Can't wait to see the finished pullover - it looks lovely so far!

  6. I bought this book a few years ago after seeing a couple of finished projects in a local yarn store. The owner used different types of yarn that really put the sweater and vest over the top. Maybe someday i will make the attempt. Can't wait to see yours when completed. Probably tonight or tomorrow with the lightning speed of Melody!

  7. I can see it in fabric! What fun!

  8. Oops! That should have read yarn. Nancy


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