Thursday, April 26, 2012

Design Update

Last night I finished the back bodice of my new project, adding a fourth row of diamonds along the bottom (not pictured here).
And I began the front bodice with these changes: a lowered neckline and small connecting triangles for the shoulders. This is what is so cool about knitting modularly, that one can design on the fly.
After knitting I had lunch with my sister and she gave me a dangerous present...a 30% off card for Joann Fabrics, which I sped to directly.
I got matching buttons for my new yarn, and some MORE yarn. Shame on me. 4 Washable Ewe in yellow ( I never have enough yellow, yet haven't made a garment from it ever!) and 6 Washable Ewe in a lovely lilac, which I can add to my mountain of other purple yarns. Lastly I got six skeins of Mauna Loa Amazing...not enough for a long sleeve garment, I still 'need' one more skein. Joann's never seems to have enough of one dyelot for anything. Grrr.

No buttons for this yarn...I'll have to see what color predominates when it gets knit up.

Dave is coming along with me to Jazzercise, not to dance, but to take the car to Northern Tool. O my.

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  1. Oh, that looks so beautiful .... !!!!

  2. How clever to buy buttons with the yarn directly, no searching afterwards!!! Cool.

  3. The modular knit is so pretty. I've not tried it yet. You really did go shopping! I love the colors. I always have to look for cottons as I cannot wear the wool. I do use a yarn with some wool for my afghans as it really is much warmer. Also, I can wear wool socks and mitts. Isn't that odd?

  4. gorgeous colours - I love modular knitting - it never seems as boring as knitting one whole piece. (Great buttons too.)

  5. What yummy colours!!

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