Friday, April 27, 2012


Today I plan to work in the garden, unless it rains all day, and need some motivation. Once I get started I can usually keep up the energy, it's just deciding where to begin. There is still much transplanting and thinning out to do, as well as making new mini flower pot gardens. So to get my butt off the couch, I went to my photo albums from the height of last summer's garden. I am sharing.


  1. Great Inspiration!! The month of May I am focusing on my gardens, am & pm then back to quilting in the pm. Beautiful gardens, Melody.

  2. my goodness, that is all so beautiful. All of your hours and hard work really are paying off in glorious color.

  3. I had forgotten just how beautiful your yards looked last year. Hope they will be the same this year. Mb

  4. Wow, spectacular gardens. My sketchbook and I would have such fun there!

  5. Absolutely amazing! Thanks!!!
    Martha Ginn

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