Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Visit

I had a wonderful experience touring the gardens of one of my knitting-jazzercise friends. The landscaping was gorgeous and the big treat for me was the koi pond and waterfall.
In. My. Dreams.

The water lilies have just surfaced and one can see the red-orange fish so clearly, since there isn't a mud bottom like my pond.

This is the walkway to the pond, which is one of several levels of the yard, all built up from the bluff alongside a wide spot in the Tennessee River. Yes, that is a banana tree clump. Japanese fiber banana, not fruiting, so far.
Each level has something wonderful to see and a place to sit and enjoy the view of the river and boats as they pass. I took over 90 photos, but a little bit at a time for the blog.
We had chilly overcast rain threatening day, which was a good thing as a bright sunny day would have made it impossible to leave.

After visiting this garden, I realize my garden is in a way different category...RUSTIC.
I think I'll go out and pull some weeds.

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  1. No question this garden is gorgeous! is your's. This one seems very formal whereas your's feels (from the photos) like a garden that would continually yield some fun little surprises. I'll bet if they were both on a garden tour it would be hard to pick a favorite!

  2. Gives you something to aspire to :)

  3. What a nice treat for you to visit your friends garden and thank you for sharing your photos. I enjoy seeing your garden photos too. I live in an apartment and have no garden just a wonderful tree that is outside our living room window and we are frequent visitors to the Holden Arboretum. I enjoy everyones garden as though it were my own. I do miss the weeding. (really)

  4. I get my gardening fix from your blog and my neighbors across the street.
    If I did all the work in my yard I wouldn't see it, so thank you and my neighbors for providing me with such a colorful view.

  5. Rustic is good! I prefer it... more like God intended.

  6. Melissa3:02 PM

    Honestly ... I would rather sit in your beautiful garden than be in this more formal space, lovely as it is. Your home and gardens exude your personality, which is worth all.

  7. Don't get GREEN with envy! It's obvious you get a lot of joy from your garden...and that's a good thing.

  8. it is wonderful seeing your posts, it has turned into a cold wet Spring here with things slow to flourish, i feel warmer just looking at these lush gardens

  9. wow!!! this is a wonderfull total!!!!
    i love this.

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Beautiful garden, with inspirational ideas. Makes me want to convert our small front yard into a koi pond NOW!

  11. Wow - that is gorgeous. If yours is rustic, help me find a word for my backyard which is overgrown-chic plus a little "wildness." Ahem.

  12. Thank you for the garden tour. I was lovely and the waterfall Koi Pond was my favorite. I love all styles of gardens each bringing something special no matter how small or rustic. :)


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