Friday, April 20, 2012

Remembering Plant Names

  I love to try and keep the names of the different plants on the tip of my tongue, in case I might have to share that information with a visitor, or just to remember what I bought. I often use this blog as a memory aid. Last fall we discovered Coral Bark Japanese Maples and I just had to have one. It is doing so well in the garden and this Spring the branch tips are pink! We don't have to wait for fall for color changes. The branches are really red when it rains, and that makes the green leaves glow even brighter. Love this tree!
I have two of these tiny Tiarellas. The common name is Foamflower, because of the white puffy flowers, but so far neither of mine have bloomed. I prefer just the leaves. Since the shade garden is dark, plants with white leaves make a statement. I added the name in big print because I keep forgetting what this one is called.
 My hosta collection is large and varied and one name I do know is Sum and Substance but I am not certain that this one is it. I thought I transplanted it on purpose to this other spot so it could get huge without being cramped for space. I'll have to wait a bit longer til it flowers to be sure I have the right name. Not that it matters.
I found this warning that seemed to be speaking to me:
A warning to casual Hosta users:
Many of us, when we first started using Hostas, thought we could stop whenever we wanted. What begins as casual experimentation can quickly develop into a serious addiction. If you find that you actually want to know the differences between ‘Inniswood’ and ‘Paul’s Glory’, if you tell your spouse that you paid less than you really did for a new introduction, but brag to other gardeners that you paid more, or if you no longer care what your spouse thinks, you need help.
Help is available from Bridgewood Gardens, a nursery that specializes in caring for gardeners afflicted with Hostas.

I haven't a clue what the lily pad's name is, but the first two flowers opened yesterday, and will reopen as soon as the sun hits this part of the pond.
I found this perennial half priced at Lowe's yesterday. I believe in rescuing plants.
I've never seen anything like this before and think it is just wonderful how there are so many different colored flowers on one plant.

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  1. Take photos of your plants and give names and info on each on Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest as a database for my "memory." I also use it to store articles that I want to read later. I put them in the category they belong and go back later and read. I would definitely follow your plant boards.

  2. That's hilarious about the Hostas!! Thanks for the laugh for the day. Nurseries are dangerous places, and so enabling, as the employees encourage you to bring home more and more...just another bleeding heart will fit in my flower bed, won't it ;-)?

  3. I vicariously enjoy your garden from California. It soothes my soul. My own little spot for gardening is indeed little......a townhouse patio with a few raised beds and pots. Love that I can watch your delightful garden grow.

  4. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I too understand the hosta humour. I too will be spending far too much money this next week at our 3 local nurseries and be thinking of you.Newly retired, I have the fun of my own garden as well as helping my DIL establish her own herb and tomato area, and then I have volunteered at a friend's to restore a neglected "Secret Garden" and am discovering treasures. I enjoy your garden posts as much as the quilting ones.
    Nina in BC canada

  5. We also have more hosta varieties than can be remembered. My husband is the gardener here and knows the botanical names for almost every plant on our 5 acre property. He's weird like that.



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