Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions. . . Moi?

I'm really not one to make resolutions, mostly because I feel I can't stick to them. But now my life has slowed to a pace that warrants a plan, or at the very least deserves one.
The year end cleaning frenzy has gotten me thinking that I really ought to use the stuff I have. Including the stuff I already made. That is why I got this quilt out of the drawer and onto my bed. Perhaps using this will make me want to make more, which I certainly don't need, but I do have all this fabric, so why not have a different quilt for every month, or something like that. I hate to commit.
It came up at knitting that if I knit up all the yarn I have, I could have a different garment for every day of the year. Think about that for a moment. Arghhh.
What it really says is, the famously repeated, Enough is Enough.

Add to that line of thought that I just had a birthday. It made me think about how long I have, and to figure out what I want to do with that time. If I am healthy, perhaps I have another good 20 years, which would bring me to 84. My mom, a smoker, died at 81, so it would be reasonable to assume I could outlast her three or more years... geesh. Well, anyway, I think I don't want to just go along the path of least resistance and come to the end and say
"If only I had realized time runs out, I might have done X with my life". Are we talking about a bucket list? Not quite. Something more of making small changes to what I already do, but with a focus on it adding up to something worthy.
I mentioned being healthy which is definitely an area I want to focus on improving. My baking binge has made me feel like a blob, and that has to stop. And lately, you won't believe this, but my beloved wine has been giving me heartburn and so I have more or less avoided it. To my surprise, I sleep better now. Having an apple or pear every day has greatly improved my digestion, so I will consciously keep fresh fruit in my routine. Part of my plan is to record my eating intake on a separate blog, which would be a drag to any reader but will be my gauge to find improvement.
Routines make me happier and I love knowing that I have a weekly day in town. So if I build in other routines that will increase my happiness and perhaps my creative output too. Looking at the calendar, I know there will be chunks of time devoted to gardening, knitting, quilting, reading and maybe painting. What if I had a goal for each of these endeavors?
I am very tempted to come up with a number of finished objects per month, but then that would infringe on my other goal for the new year, which is NO STRESS AND NO DREAD.
My friend Judy asked me how I could avoid those two items and I replied that I must say no to things that will induce them. I am already getting better at this, by not putting quantifiers on my goals.
So it will be little changes for me for 2012.
Eat healthier.
Use up the stash I have accumulated.
Wear the knits and use quilts I have made already. (easiest one of the list.)
Find a routine ( like daily blogging) that includes housework. I'm thinking like Monday for laundry, Tuesday for bathrooms, Thursday for sweeping, stuff like that.
On Pinterest I saw this great list for decluttering which uses 30 bags in 30 days. I could find 30 bags of useless stuff to remove in a heartbeat.
OK I am ready, and committed to a more focused purposeful life for 2012.


  1. Good for you and your goals. I love the idea that we can re-invent ourself. I hope your new year reflects what you want to become.

  2. Increase your creative output? Wow--I'm in awe of how much you create at your current pace. I'm trying to imagine what "more" would look like.

    Thanks for sharing all the things you create (and that does include recipes and gardening--it's all creative). I always look forward to seeing your latest creation.

    Happy New Year!

  3. These are all good goals, but I can't see you not being productive as far as quilting. Have you thought about making quilts (or knitting blankets) for charity?? That certainly would be more satisfying (IMHO) than making more quilts to hang in a closet and never see the light of day. There are so many needy organizations or hospitals or ambulance services or fire departments that would be very appreciative of something to give to a child, or person, or family that's in distress.

    I've made quilts for Project Linus for years and it's been a wonderful experience.

  4. Mary Alice10:59 AM

    As always, thanks for the inspiration! My birthday is today and I've been thinking about being more productive (less lazy). My fabric and yarn stashes will definitely outlive me and I have two years on you! I read your blog every morning and appreciate your creativeness and sense of humor!
    Best wishes for the new year for you and your family.

  5. Marvelous, thoughtful ideas as you contemplate your future. I need to do the same. Happy New Year to you, Dave, and the babies.

  6. Judy Morningstar11:08 AM

    Whatever you do in 2012 will be exciting and inspirational to all us lurkers out there in the bloggisphere. This past year, you have helped me to re-focus after I retired from teaching quilting across Canada a couple years ago. Your blogs are always fun to read, so I hope blogging stays one of your firm resolutions. Have a wonderful, creative, healthy 2012!

  7. You said things I have been thinking for awhile. Espeically about how much time we prorabably have left and what to do with it. That is not's exciting. I'm in the 20 year mark too. That does allow for some changes. I agree "no" is one of them. However, it is exciting that the "YES" is now about things we want to create and inspire. Thank you for sharing ....YOU, YOUR creations and life. I really enjoy YOU. Happy New Year. love it all.

  8. I too have thought about the time left to me and have slowed down on making stuff. I'm in my early 70's and think I have 20 some years left as my Mom lived to 95.
    I read your blog every day and am amazed at all you do< keep it up . you inspire others.

  9. So many of the comments have already said the things I have to say. 65 now, how much time is left? Giving things away. I gave 70% of my fabric stash (commercial prints) to the local Linus Group. They make hospital quilts for kids and for seniors.

    Why does every activity have to be done so quickly and then packed away? You only seem to enjoy the "getting it done" part. And then, it gets packed away. Give the quilts away. Knit scarves, hats and socks and give them away this winter and next.

    I cleaned out the hall closet--all the expensive and hardly worn coats went to Goodwill--finally. I had been saving them because they "cost so much" not because we actually were wearing or using them.

    Learn from your mom's house after she died. Is that what you want to leave? I'd also suggest not buying anything in 2012, but that would be silly, huh?

  10. DeannaC12:26 PM

    Thank you for the daily joy. You really are wonderful.

  11. What you wrote - almost every single sentence about the reasons for your goals is exactly, how I feel at this time - including all the stashes... ;-)

    same situation, whow!

    I wish you a successful New Year -

  12. I like the idea of goals but small friendly goals without the stress. I don't think my stash is a large as yours although I think I could spend the year using some of it up. So that will be one of my goals too.
    and the healthy eating thing, darn why does that have to be so hard?

  13. Who needs resolutions if you do the right things right away? The rest won't happen anyway.

  14. You could still make your quilts, just for fun, and donate them to a charity. Lots of them have auctions, or donate to Project Linus. I know your quilts are so much nicer - more professional - than most donations, but it might just be THE item that gives someone Hope. I get alot of pleasure in the making specifically to donate to someone I'll never meet. (That is good Karma!) There are lots of reasons to donate... there's no pressure, choose your own designs and colors and sizes. There are lots of reasons to keep making your quilts... we all love to see them!!! They always brighten my day!

  15. How about you show your quilts more? Put them out in a building for people to come and get their noses right up to them.
    I get the eating right part. Not always easy, but your body will thank you later on. But don't forget that dessert is a part of the meal!
    I go work out 3 days a week. Mostly it's to see my friends there!
    Make as many quilts as you want! Don't worry that they are just "there". Isn't making quilts the joy? the process is the fun part to me. And I may give a few away, but you are leaving behind a legacy. This was Melody! So dig in and just have fun. You aren't out raising hell, or doing wrong things. You are a creative, productive woman! The world needs quilters! We make the world cozy! You may have to cut out chocolate, and wine, but you can NEVER over do quilting and knitting. Enjoy the next year! We have more to go and do.

  16. Annie4:14 PM

    I like the idea of routines to make you happier! I scramble around doing housework on Monday mornings. That starts the week on a good note! I've already started on a regular exercise program—for the first time in my entire 70 years! I'm getting stronger! Now, as to the stash, I'm not ready to give it away! I just want to sew more new quilts and finish the UFOs. Happy New Year!

  17. All I can say is goodluck!

  18. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Change is good, especially at the beginning of a new year. Always gives one hope. Sounds like you got it covered health wise, but one other thing to consider is: Have a physical, get some baseline numbers re: Cholesterol, etc and that will add to impetus to your efforts. Who knows? Your numbers may be perfect. Good luck and happy new year.

  19. Happy New Year, Melody! I am right there with you! Note: if you want an easy way to track what you eat and your exercise, I can recommend a free site set up for it, with lots of support groups as well! I started in October, and I'm down 10 pounds so far. And I agree with Colleen... maybe you could get your knitting group to make things for charity, along with your quilting. Our Quilters' guild donates quilts to several organizations in the community every year... nice way to create them without having to rent a storage shed to keep them in!
    I'm in the 20 year range too, although I have far outlived parents and brother, so I've been conscious of my 'mortality' for a long time. Makes me want to do more, enjoy more... for me and for them! You and Dave and the pugs have a great year, and keep sharing with your 'groupies'!

  20. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I like the idea of life changes vs. resolutions...less pressure and more positive. Also using what we have is a good thing and satisfying. Mentioning a day of the week for different household chores reminds me of the sets of embroidered dishtowels made by my grandmother and aunts probably 50 years ago which I've kept mostly in pristine condition. You've no doubt seen the fabric transfer patterns: Monday a kitten is doing wash, Tuesday an eggplant and a tomato are ironing, Wednesday it might be an chicken mopping the floor. You get the idea. I've always loved the whimsy but also the sense of order they imply. I fantasize about doing an installaion of vintage dishcloths as a snapshot of a woman's day in times gone by. Thanks for reminding me of many pleasant, inspiring things--and good luck with your life changes!--nora in ct

  21. I must say, you took the words right out of my mouth. I didn't do as much as I wanted to last year, (that sounds like a long time ago, so, for 2012, I am planning on getting a lot more quilting done, along with getting all my unfinished quilt tops finished. Like you, not sure how much time we have left, so it's time to get with the program and have some fun. I have so much fabric that's screaming at me to get them out and play. So, here's to one amazing, productive, quilting, learning, sewing and just plain fun 2012. Thanks so much for sharing your journey of amazing quilts, kniting and art with the rest of out here in cyber space.

  22. You have really set out your goals and even put them on you blog. That takes courage. Mine are in my head and I hesitate to even say them aloud. So many failed resolutions in past years. I certainly agree with your goals. Since I moved into this house I have been trying to get rid of the excess. Problem is lots of it is collectible antiques and in this economy no one wants to give me any money for them. I can't seem to move past that!

  23. The only New Year's resolution that I ever made and kept (for more than about three days) was learning to quilt, 21 years ago. It changed my life in so many positive ways (yes, even having an overflowing stash is positive, because I often give fabric away and my friends who make a lot of charity quilts are always so happy to receive it!) Have a wonderful New Year---good luck with your resolutions!

  24. I like the "not putting qualifiers on my goals."


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