Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Project of 2011

A week or two ago, our man Mike came over looking for work. I thought we had nothing, but Dave came up with a project. It was putting a floor in the garage attic space for more storage. I thought that was a dopey idea, since we have a huge amount of storage at our fingertips already. But I was outvoted, and the sawing and hammering began. It was completed on Christmas Eve and since then Dave has been moving stuff off the shelves and up the ladder to the new attic space.

Some of the other things that I was outvoted on...a garage woodstove and the death trap and its junker brother. I am keeping track, doncha know.

The very narrow pull down ladder and the wide open space of the attic. At the far end are our dining room chairs, which might as well stay up there, as we never seem to have those formal dinners here.

I guess most of the stuff Dave moved up was my stuff. My dye equipment, and my larger canvases, which I am always gonna work on...not.
Imagine now for a moment that Dave alone bought all that stuff up that skinny ladder. Yipes!
I am convinced by the progress he is making that the garage will soon be a showplace, or at the very least, a really nice place to work on the remaining car and deathtrap. But if it makes him happy, I am happy.
In the meantime there has been a discussion of getting better lighting (read: hard wired lighting, not extension cords all over the place). So that part of the project may stretch into 2012.
this is an old picture.
This is where I come in. The lighting down the middle of my studio has always felt inadequate and so I volunteered my fluorescent light fixtures for the garage, and then I can get better, brighter fixtures for my studio. Now I am happy too!
This means that I have been sprucing up my studio over the last couple of days, and that has extended to the rest of the house too. Nice to have a clean house for the New Year.
I think I am finally done baking.

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  1. I'm not so sure I'm seeing a need for your dyeing equipment and your canvases to be WAY UP THERE! I mean... really. What if you get the urge but for some reason you can't get up there. Who suffers? Dave? I don't think so. We blog readers do. I'll bet he didn't even consider that!


  2. Celeste Wegner10:46 AM

    Happy New Year - I'm looking for that 1st project of yours for 2012. I'm not sure what mine will be yet.

  3. Your garage "attic" looks like our...BUT...NONE of my "stuff" is up there because if I want something I want to be able to get at it easily so it's stored in our house attic. I have OFTEN put things up in the house attic thinking that I just don't use it any more and then 6 months later, I'm up there rooting around for it...LOL

    Have you considered putting in a French door in you studio?? Or, if it's possible, how about a window?? Besides ceiling lighting you need some natural light from outside. That room is very closed in and I don't think you'll be happy with just artificial light in there....JMHO :)

  4. Love the space - lucky you! xx Annabelle

  5. I agree with one commenter who suggested who suggested French doors or a window in you r studio. There's nothing like natural light. I've wished that I put a bigger window in mine when I re-did the windows.
    I'm anxious to get to some cleaning and organizing. The last of my crew left this morning.

  6. I have a huge sliding glass door. It lets in light but not so much at night, or above where I am working. Ceiling lights have to fill a long wide room, 16x29 feet.

  7. Yup... your garage attic looks like ours! I originally had intended to use the attic space for my tie-dye studio, but trying to move things up and down the pull-down ladder made it less feasible. My real dream was to put an outside stairway up to the attic, but gave up on that one too. I do think that space is a good one for storage of items not OFTEN used, but definitely not for things I would want at my fingertips! And I like your lighting idea... Dave will love having permanent fixtures in the garage, and you deserve good lighting! Happy New Year!

  8. What about skylights in the studio???

  9. I have a huge sliding glass door. It lets in light but not so much at night, or above where I am working. Ceiling lights have to fill a long wide room, 16x29 feet.


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