Monday, January 02, 2012

A Great Start

Beginning on New Year's Eve, I found I might run out of the main color yarn for this sweater. Grrr. But I remembered that people upload their yarn stashes on Ravelry and some of them offer to sell or trade what they own. I decided to write to several people who had the yarn and dyelot I needed and one responded positively. Instead of selling it to me, she asked for small balls of sock yarn in trade.

Of course I had lots of that, so we made the deal and I sent her this bag of goodies. I felt good unloading my scraps and even better knowing I can finish that sweater.
The serendipity happened when I was looking for said scraps and came upon this one lone sock. I had made it back in March and then never started the second one. Here was just the project I needed to work on while I await the incoming skein. This falls into my proposed aim of using up what I own. Yay!

Then early on Sunday morning while I was just waking up, Dave decided he was going to the hardware store to get a vice grip and some caulk. Our Ace is closed on Sunday, especially New Year's Day, so he thought he'd try Lowe's and I decided I had to go too.
Since they had the lights we wanted, we got them and the bulbs to fit them too. Woowoo! We were the only customers at the store at that early hour and everyone wanted to wait on us. It was a very expensive shopping trip. But O, I am so happy to get these bigger and brighter fixtures.
Daylight 6500K. BRIGHTNESS!   When I blogged about my light situation before, several commenters had suggestions like getting a bigger window in my studio. I already have a huge sliding glass patio door, but it doesn't work so well at night (ha!) and of course isn't over my work station or my design walls. I do believe I have the problem solved with these. After we finished at Lowe's we went grocery shopping for my new healthier eating plan.
Which in turn led me to my semi-annual Clean Out the Refrigerator.

How long after the Sell By date can you keep cocktail sauce?
Mine said 2009. It got tossed.
Part of my plan means not bringing in stuff that will tempt me, but alas I still have a ton of it here. Dave will help me with that.
The key to my future success is this Cuisinart scale. It measures in ounces or grams and has a tare feature, so you are not measuring the bowl or cup the food is in.
Portion control!
I sorta bought it for yarn measuring, but it works great for food too of course.

Today my sister is coming to visit and I am so looking forward to showing her my sewing table and design walls.
I'll be serving lunch, so adios Cool Whip and cheesecake! heehee.


  1. Love the second picture. I tried knitting last winter but developed a pain in my left thumb. Cleaning out my fridge too.

  2. It's always good to pawn some sweets off onto someone else. Your sister will enjoy it and be none the wiser, ha, ha.
    It's nice that you got all your new lighting. It must also feel really good to have used up some yarn, finished (almost) a project and passed on some yarn. You are making progress and it's only Jan 2nd!
    We have what seems like the identical frig.

  3. Hello and best wishes for 2012 in Switzerland.
    I just have one question: I enjoyed your Qwam past year in February, it stimulates me to faure project a little bigger and I wondered if this year you decided to do it again?

  4. Your house should be throbbing after installing the new lights. Good Girl to be eating right... I should be doing that, too. I like my candy too much.
    Wonderful news that there is a share the yarn place to go. There should be such a thing for quilters, too.

  5. What a great idea!

    I weigh and measure all my food.

    My internal calculator is broken.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hi, where did u find that cute scale??... its seems cuisinart isn't making them anymore

  7. Hi, where did u find that cute scale??... its seems cuisinart isn't making them anymore


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