Friday, November 11, 2011

Turning the Tables

The first several hours of quilting on the new piece were a struggle. Why? Because the quilt kept sliding off my table. Then suddenly it dawned on me to turn the table around and Voila! everything was instantly improved. Duh. I also moved my lamp and added a TV table along side to hold my threads and remotes (must have remotes).  So much better, and so compact.
Since the design is divided into quarters, I am also quilting it that way, and so I am about 3/4 done. For this piece I decided to add a backing fabric that is very thin and similar to scrim. I will finish this quilting and then put a lining fabric on that covers all the stop and starts that this type of quilting makes: thread blobs.
Then I plan to face it rather than bind it. That will make a nice edge.
Everyone missed me out in the studio so they all came in for a visit and family portrait.

My Boys
PS:the sewing table and the lamp websites
My thread catcher is one of those silverware caddies that magnetically sticks to the side of a sink. I stuck mine on with packing tape and use it to keep my suture scissors handy, as well as to stick in the loose threads.

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  1. Hello, I just found your blog and found it enjoyable; I am adding it to my GOOGLE READER. LOVE your quilt signature. Will be looking into the archives.

    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams - Blog
    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams- Podcast


  2. Love your studio!

    What type/brand table is that your machine is on?

    I am looking for one.

    Thanks so much!

  3. I love this quilt- the colors in it are amazing.

    I also turn my tables around when I quilt. I use my cutting table as an "outfeed table" (my husband does wood working, but when I'm not quilting, my sewing machine table goes against the wall, so that my cutting table is free.

    The reason I have a super light weight table (I just have the Gidget 1, it does wobble a little bit, but it doesn't vibrate) is because I'm cheap, but the ability to move it around to suit my needs is quite nice!

  4. I'm sort of glad that you got back to your usual fancy-pants quilting rather than all the straight lines. Anyone can do straight lines - its the whorls, fans, and what-not that make your work especially FABULOUS!!

    How far in advance to you plan your quilting patterns when you work on pieces like this? Do you just sort of wing it and decide when you get to a section? Or is there a master plan?

    All the best - Chris

  5. Super arrangement! I know you told about the table before - but could you remind us what kind? Christmas is coming...Santa needs the lamp too! and great family photo! :)

  6. Sharon9:06 AM

    I love the look of the new quilt and can't wait to see it finished. The boys look like they're on their best behavior...great family pic!

  7. Oh, what a glorious quilt!! Your colors make me feel so happy!
    Excellent idea to use the silverware caddy, too!
    I still tape a brown paper lunch bag to my sewing I did in 7th/8th grade home-ec!! :)

  8. Love your quilt so much! And the idea of a light backing to hide the stops and starts is good too. Also love the thread catcher idea--will add it to my walmart shopping list!

  9. LynneP12:18 PM

    Love the pic of your family!!! And, love the colorful quilt, too.

  10. Just a suggestion, but have you considered getting a flex light that attaches to your machine and shines a bright LED light where you're sewing??? I have two of for each machine...and I don't know how I sewed without one before.

  11. I can see the table would work much better in the new spot.
    It's a fantastic quilt!

  12. Funny how one little turn of something can make such a difference. The quilt looks amazing. I'm with Colleen those little flex lights are wonderful.

  13. Very helpful to see your set up, and how making a small change can really help. Do you know the make of your sewing table? I am looking for a second table for another machine, and if this isn't too expensive, it might be good.

  14. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Questions Melody:

    How do you get those 'dots'/'circles' staying on those quilts you make. I figure you probably stitch through each but then with one line of stitching each, wouldn't they curl up if the quilt is washed?

  15. Oh, wow... what a beautiful and cheery quilt! The variety of quilting designs is making it even more exciting.
    Dave needs to teach those pups to smile. They look like they are criticizing your work when we all know they really love it. LOL.

  16. Your colors are luscious! Love the white walls to help pop those colors. awesome inspiration on many levels!

  17. Great ideas all around.
    The dogs are posing nicely.

  18. Love all the diverse stitchery in this quilt! Funny how simple things like moving the table can make all the difference. My mind would have gone to needing a new table. Love your silverware holder. Must find one for myself. And I always love the daily dawgs. Dave's a bonus!

  19. OMG...that new quilt is to die for!!! You SO inspire me!

  20. I just love your sense of color and motion, it is what I aspire to be, but alas don't think I have time left in this lifetime to get there. Maybe in the next life?


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