Saturday, November 26, 2011

Purplemania Capelet

Having been inspired by Jane Thornley’s creations for years, I chose to improvise on her Cowled Capelet to see if I could knit something fun out of my purple leftovers. ( Not having the pattern, I guessed at everything and worked from the bottom up.)
To make a very stretchy start, I cast on using a crocheted chain. I didn’t count my stitches, but just made sure it would fit around the body at the elbows. Then later at the finish I undid the crochet and put the live stitches on the needle again. Using a larger crochet hook, I finished the edge with single crochet. It really, really stretches and is unconstricting, which of course is just wonderful.
As I was not following a pattern, I just kept trying the thing on the body to judge where to decrease and change to smaller needles.
I lightly blocked it with just a spritz of water and a good tug, hanging it on a towel covered hanger to shape it and to release the tubular ridges somewhat.
Now… if it would only get cold enough to wear it!

I believe this needs a coordinating hat. I am just now old enough to wear something like this out in public, not caring what anyone may think. Ha!
I was changing my sheets yesterday and while I was putting the pillow in its case, Chumley secured his spot.

But this is where he really wanted to be.

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  1. Oh, Melody, you have outdone yourself with that capelet!! It is tres chic, and so you. When I feel cold, it starts on my upper arms (unlike people whose feet get cold) and then I can't get warm. This would be a perfect cover for me.

  2. I really love the cape let! It would be too cold right now to wear it out here, but I would certainly wear it. It looks so cozy and I love the purple.

  3. Love it!! Totally perfect!!

  4. The 'leftover' caplette is beautiful!

  5. Purpliscious! The colors and textures are so yummy! I've been knitting too, tis the season :)

  6. The Capelet looks great! And I'm in love with your dogs.

  7. I agree with all of the is absolutely stunning. And so is that boy!

  8. You do NOT need to be a special age to wear that cape - it's just gorgeous and would work on the hippest teen through the hippiest middle-aged woman. Yes, I crack myself up sometimes! But it is really jazzy and stylish; you outdid yourself, as usual. :-)

    And those dawgs know the coziest places, don't they?!

  9. Love the capelet and the colors and you should wear it with a red hat. Then you can practice for when you are old.

  10. Oh, so pretty in purple!

  11. Anonymous7:46 AM

    That cape is gorgeous! It soothes the eyes and quickens the heart.

  12. I didn't know you had pugs! Pigwidgeon sends tail-waggies! BUT... I surfed in with a purpose. Shortly after you moved, you bought a work table/bench...maybe an Alvin? I can't recall how long ago you moved, so can't go back in the archives forever... Do you stil have it? Still like it? Which one... I'm about to splurge for Christmas. I'm on Dick Blick and the Alvin Craftmaster are looking good...

    Thanks! Sarah@sarahannsmith dot com

  13. Judy Morningstar6:26 PM

    Those are mighty fine purple leftovers!!! Makes me wish I could knit. Maybe.

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